fredag 1 oktober 2010

Herrens basun ljuder!

The Trump of God is Sounding

There is a Trumpet call being sounded in every arena right now. It's loud. It's persistent. It is stirring people from slumber.

- You hear it in Government
- You hear it in Politics
- You hear it in Culture
- You hear it in Business
- You hear it in the Church

It's the sound of a powerful trumpet. Many trumpets resounding. Do you hear them? Do you see the army assembled? It's an army of many. The Lord of Hosts is Leading. Those who have a spirit of Korah will try to get in the way, but it will not succeed.

It's a clear call to action. To mount up the wall. To take a stand. To arm for war. To take back territory and possession stolen by the enemy. Ziklag.

We had been confused about who the enemy really was. No more. You know who they are. You know what they do. You know what schemes they have used. They have been exposed. The trumpet sounded and the veil of secrecy was torn back. Sin and evil is exposed.

At the sound of the trumpet people rose up, are rising up. Locking arms.

It's an amazing time. We are seeing a manifestation of Glory on the earth. It is being heralded by the sound of a trumpet.

Many will not hear this sound. Many will pretend that it's the sound of another. That there is no sound. Many who could hear will condemn the Trumpet sound. It causes upset. Division. Confusion. They will call evil good and good evil. The ones most egregious will be the ones who are Called by HIS name. Christians. Ones who should be able to hear the sound.

This is intentional Deaf, Dumb and Blindness. The enemy causes it. Sometimes pride and greed cause it. But he who will not hear is as deaf as one who can not hear.

So, look up, the trumpet is sounding. If you have ears to hear, you will know what it is saying. Take your place. Lock shields. March. The day of oppression is over. Utterly destroy all that has desired to contain you, to silence you, to smother you. This is the tearing down of all the walls of Jericho in your life. You are to take nothing of them. There must be nothing left for you or the curse of A'i will happen again.

Hear the Trumpet. It's calling. It's been calling out since the first week of August 2010. It calls ever more loudly. We just experienced the feast of Trumpets.

HEAR the Sound!

Gene Redlin


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