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Truth Will Find YOU!

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Truth Will Find YOU!

Truth! You can't get away from it. Can't go around it, over it, under it, or avoid it. If you are following Jesus wholeheartedly and desire to grow and mature, truth will find you. Truth will confront you. Truth will confound you. BUT, Truth will set you free. I have no doubt about that at all. No doubt.

The underlying foundation of what I will write this year is always Scripture. God's word is truth and is not compromised or unclear. Truth in God's word is absolute and in that, I stand. I don't always have to quote Scripture to walk in the reality of what I believe to be true. Truth should flow from me if I am walking with my Lord and people should SEE truth emanating from my life. Then I can speak truth. Get it?

Truth is generally inconvenient. By that I mean, it comes to us when God sees that it is necessary to confront us, in His timing. He looks into the depth of our being and sees our need for wholeness and the only thing that brings wholeness in our salvation is truth, His truth. With truth, we must trust.

Truth confronts and then we choose our response. We always choose our response. We are not clones or robots but we choose. It is personal responsibility to choose truth and to act on it. All of us must do that. We can't live in anyone else's truth. We live in His truth and He works it out in us according to His Word. Our lives are then built on the absolute revelation of His truth which is always stable and always sure in a world in chaos.

When truth confronts, we choose our response and they can be varied and diverse. We can be paralyzed in truth and need time to sort the revelation of it. We can object to truth and reject based upon an emotional response. We can be offended and argue our truth. We can make excuses. We can do a number of things. BUT truth is truth and Jesus said it clearly. Heaven and earth can pass away but My word will never pass away. Truth stands no matter what our response is. So, it is best to line up with Jesus, the absolute Truth. In Him, you cannot go wrong and He weaves a way through chaos.

Jesus said, "I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE." Believe it and receive it. It is not going away but is eternal and is forever.

Truth is desperately needed in the Body of Christ today. Not opinion. Not people pleasing stories. Not seeker friendly environments. People are seeking the truth and we have it. Truth confronts in the midst of chaos, lies, deception. Truth weaves its way through all of it with clarity and purpose.

So what I am I saying............read the Word of God. Read the Word of God. Read the Word of God. Know it and live it. There are no shortcuts. None.

A few more things to add right now. All of us have seen Truth come to us through individuals that were prideful, self-righteous, angry, and many other agendas. They come to attack and assault us. I am not saying to do that or to walk in that spirit. I am saying to speak truth but listen clearly..........here it comes.......

Before you can speak in truth that is powerful, the very truth you speak with authority and power must be worked out in your own life, in my own life. In other words, walk it and don't just talk it. Okay? Remember to allow His Truth to penetrate your own life. Sozo - your salvation is a grand process dependant on walking in revealed truth which makes you whole - body, soul and spirit. We are desperately in need of mature sons and daughters in the Kingdom here and now. Are you one of them? Then press past the childish things and allow truth in the person of Jesus Christ to have His way in your life. You will never look back. Freedom feels soooooooooo good my friends!

More coming......................

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