torsdag 10 mars 2011

"Bönder kommer att slå ut kungar under 2011"

Pawns will overtake Kings in 2011

Fletch Whipp:

"In 2008 The Lord spoke to me regarding a time where He would be walking down the line inspecting what His body has been doing – in His name. He was inspecting them like a carpenter inspects timber to see if it’s free of knots, and warping, and blemishes that would otherwise make it useless for Building. In the last few years we have heard many large ministries filing for bankruptcy, or falling due to moral failure, or unethical dealings.

In 2011 what you have seen thus so far will increase. Almost everyone will be able to identify with a particular ministry, missionary, or church that will be affected by this sweeping change. Many will say I am judging them and bringing misfortune upon them, yet I tell you that I am motivated by love, not anger. My love for the lost outweighs My ability to remain compassionate with leadership who have become comfortable, and turned a deaf ear to the leading and listening to My Holy Spirit. It is My love for them, to see them reignited by the flame of My Spirit that will remove them, not My anger."

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