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Rätt fokus

Denna artikel publicerades för ett par år sedan och talar en del om år 2009. Men borsett från det så är den för övrigt mycket aktuell. Den handlar om vilket fokus vi behöver ha när mycket skakar runt onkring oss.
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"When God allows us to be hemmed in by impossibilities, He is merely setting the stage for us to experience the miraculous!

Jesus warned that the last days would be typified by wars, rumors of war, earthquakes, and famines. (Matthew 24.6 & 7). While it is hard to absolutely state we are in the “last” last days, the years of 2008 & 2009 certainly are experiencing the very things Jesus spoke of. In a parallel prophecy, Haggai predicted everything that could be shaken would be shaken! (Hag.2.6 & 7). As with Jesus’ prophesy, Haggai’s is in many way being fulfilled, as well. Everything from the global economies and politics to the weather patterns have been shaken over the last few years. Historic cold and snow in places like S. America and S. Africa, the western world economies being shaken (complete with the island nation of Iceland basically bankrupt) and as 2009 began- fierce fighting between Israel and Hamas terrorists in Gaza. As if that were not enough there is the fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, the heightened tensions between Pakistan and India, and the genocide, which has taken, place in Darfur, and a severe cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe!

There is a very different side of the coin regarding these prophecies, however. On the one side are the disasters- natural, economic, war and the threat of war. The mitigating factor, herein, is fear. The fear factor of these disasters is exponentially multiplied far beyond the mere sum of the events. Completely contrary to naturally minded thinking regarding the state of the world, however, is what God has spoken and is speaking! Haggai encouraged us to not be afraid- due to the fact that God’s Spirit is abiding in our midst. Jesus Himself stated that when all of these things were to happen to not be afraid, nor to let our hearts grow cold- dulled through fear and unbelief. "

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Marc A. Dupont
Mantle of Praise Ministries

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