fredag 25 november 2011

Rise up, Europe!

På torsdag nästa vecka börjar i Prag "Rise up, Europe!" en samling för kristna runt om i Europa. Det är Jerusalem House of prayer for all Nations tillsammans med lokala församlingar som står som inbjudare. Vi är åtminstone 5 svenskar som kommer att åka till denna samling. Vi tror det kommer att bli dagar av bön och lovsång, påfyllning och nätverkande. Så här skriver arrangörerna i sin inbjudan:

Och detta är inledning på vision för samlingen:

Vision of a European Convocation - Prague


"1. Rise up, Europe!

(A joint call and confession that we, God's people in Europe, need and want a change of the spiritual situation in our countries. For many years, Europe has been marginal on the periphery of the Holy Spirit´s blowing. The awakening has been in progress in many world countries. During the past decade, more people came to Christ than during the entire preceding history as a whole. The rate of growth is huge. Only in Europe, it does not work. We do not believe that God has forgotten us or that we would be somehow less loved, that God prefers the other ones. We do not want to accept this state and we want to look for where the causes are and what has to be changed in order that the status and fate of our country and Europechanges.)

In case the European nations have to come together, we have to start building a unity in Europe in some way. We know we are united in Christ but we also can feel that Europe is divided. The Convocation is intended to enable us to learn what is happening in particular countries and to start praying for one another. God says in His word that He pours out his blessings where the brethren are in unity. And we stand for God's blessing; we need it very much. It is also possible that this unity is not possible without our repentance of the things we have been guilty of in the past because we trespassed against other countries. We should also repent of all prejudices we have against other countries and their people."

Läs forstättningen här:

Please pray for us:
- to fulfil God's plan and purpose with the European Concocation
- for the change of spiritual situation in Europe through the repentance from 2000 years of antisemitism in Europe and through the unity and prayers of the European delegates
- for the total number of the delegates to fit with the number of the seats (450 seats) and that we will not have to refuse the delagates because of the limited space

Bed gärna för detta!/Barnabas

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