onsdag 15 augusti 2012

More in Part 2 Narcissism, Shame, Finland - Where Else?‏

Idag fortsätter Debra Westbrook att skriva del 2 av sin iakttagelser kring kristenheten i Finland. Dock bör detta läsas med självrannsakan även för oss i vårt land. Hon skriver bla.:

 "If you are still seeking life while bypassing the call to die, you are not living. For to live IS CHRIST and IN CHRIST through the power of the cross. You can't truly live without facing the cross and your own death in Christ. Then you live as a new creation. You come into LIFE through His death. Then, you are a new creation. You are not being called to be sustained on life-support. You are called to pull the plug on everything you know as life and enter into His life in your salvation. Many things called Christianity in Finland is often a message to sustain your life apart from the cross."

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