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Del 1 Jewels from Judy: Awaken for the Renewal! A Directive for the Next Three Years

Jewels from Judy: Awaken for the Renewal! A Directive for the Next Three Years
Judy Bauman

A Rosh Hashanah directive to the Church from Abba Father for Sept 2012-Sept 2015:
Awaken for the Renewal

Part One


Earlier this month while sitting with the Lord, the Holy Spirit asked me to step outside as He had something to show me. The first thing I saw was a half moon high in the morning sky. The Lord said that when I saw it as a crescent moon He would be giving a three year directive for the Church. One afternoon about three weeks later, I was walking my dog and felt to look up. There it was – a crescent moon! When I arrived home, I sat with my journal in hand to seek the Holy Spirit’s counsel.

The Vision:

All at once a short but astonishing vision began unfolding. I could see a dark night sky filled with stars come into view. Suddenly flashes of lightning illuminate the darkness and I see smoke swirling around. At first it seems to be at a great distance, but as I watch it I perceive it is approaching earth. It is such an ominous sight that I find myself filled with reverential fear that strikes deep at my heart. Out of the smoke I see what looks to be a chariot like the one described in Scripture that took Elijah away – mysterious, fiery and fierce.

Then I hear the voice of psalmist Misty Edwards* softly singing,
“Awake, Awake O Sleeper. He’s coming.”

I ask the Lord to help me understand what I am seeing. He clearly declares, “This that is coming is not about the return of Christ, as some would suppose, but it is the coming of the Awakening of My Church. This is the awakening of My faithful ones to come out of hiding, for it was not Me who said to hide in caves and wait to be taken out. I will cause your heart to be strengthened as you do the will of your Father on earth as it is done in heaven.

“My word reveals in Revelation 6:15-16 that men of all social statuses will hide from Me and cry out to nature to come to their rescue – begging for the rocks to fall on them. Revelation 9:4 states that the ones who do not have My seal on their foreheads are the ones who will beg for death and not find it. This terror is not for My Church; you are to walk confident and victorious in Me.

Behold, I have spoken that I will send My prophet Elijah to restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers. This is the heart of the Father’s love!

“My return is not imminent, as Scripture is clear. Matthew chapter twenty-four tells what is to take place and in what order; however, My judgment on the land is – and My judgment is just. The outcome is not in the hands of the government as much as it is in the hands of the fathers. Have I spoken to fathers through the letters of Paul not to provoke your sons to anger? Have I warned if you exasperate your children they will lose heart? Have I not spoken to you to teach them in My ways – the ways of love and patience? I have repeatedly warned that anger comes from an unrighteous and hardened heart. Do not harden your heart as they did in the rebellion! Judgment is coming and not for the reasons many think. Abortion and homosexuality are on the top of the Church’s list, but they are not on the top of Mine.

“The top of My list is for the hearts of the fathers to return to the sons and the sons to return to the fathers. Out of those healed relationships these other issues troubling the Church will be naturally and organically dealt with and resolved. For the land to be healed, the root of the problem must be healed. I heal from the inside out, not the outside in. The Church through the centuries continually tries to clean the outside of the cup first so it looks good to others, yet the inside remains unclean. This is like a cancer hiding in the Body and I want it eradicated! Would you put makeup on a tumor and expect it to be healed? Of course not! I will not put cosmetics on this cancer to conceal it. This must be addressed for My Body to be healed and made whole.

“The only way to get to the inside of the problem is for the fathers to get honest and real with their children, particularly their sons, and the children to get honest and real with their fathers. I promise to be in the midst of your families as you obey – you only need call My name. Where two or three are gathered in My name, I Am in your midst to save, redeem, restore and renew.

“Do not be dismayed at the birth pangs the nations are going though at this time. Keep your eyes on Me and I will lead you in the way you should go. I will not drop you. Be attentive to this issue more than any other and see what I do.”

I sat pondering the vision and I realized I was still a little confused by what I saw. “Father,” I asked Him, “Jesus taught that John the Baptist was the Elijah to come – what am I seeing in this vision? It looks like another Elijah.”

“There are types and shadows, dear one. John was the Elijah to come to prepare the way for Christ to come into the hearts of the people who were moved to repentance by his message. There is much to occur before Christ returns for His Church; however, with that said it doesn’t mean it’s time to drop back and hide out until He does! That is not what He has told you to do and this is why the Church has gotten weak. You are overcomers if you heed His words and do them! This is the time to advance the kingdom of heaven like never before in history! This is the time to awaken the sleeping ones, the misled ones, the discontent and hidden ones. This is the time to see Me arise over you, to shine over you; it is time to make all things new!

“I have more for My Body now than at any other time in history. Yes – that includes the time when all the miracles were written in the Gospels and the book of Acts.

“You have heard that I am saving the best for last and I Am, however, My “last” and man’s “last” are not the same thing. For example in Revelation 1:1, 3 John believed the “time is near.” Peter wrote in his first letter to the Church that the “end of all this is near.” Were they wrong? No, because they wrote under My inspiration and I gave them My perspective. They heard correctly, yet these words were written over 2,000 years ago. My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are My ways your ways. A day to Me is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. In Me all time exists and it is in harmony.

“You have asked and I have promised to talk to you about “the fullness of time” and the Day in which you presently live. As you have entered into 5773 on the Hebraic calendar, I have started a specific countdown as on a clock. It begins a three year extension of grace to prepare for a move of My Spirit that is unprecedented on the earth.

“The harvest is plentiful and the workers are to PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE for a great infilling of My Spirit around the world. It is time to prepare for a harvest like no other seen or heard of before. You must prepare and strengthen your faith muscles to carry the load. Fear has caused My Church’s faith and belief – Her trust in Me to shrink back, weaken and atrophy. Faith, like a muscle, must be exercised; to do that you have to get through to the other side of the pain. You must work at it! I will help, but you must believe My word over much of what you’ve been taught. Study to show yourself approved by putting into practice words you read (Logos) and words you hear (Rhema). This will build your confidence in Me so that even if I ask you to walk on water, you will do it without question.

“Awake, Awake O Sleeper! Arise, Shine for your light has come and My glory arises over you!

“Rid yourself of malice, anger, slander and abusive speech. Do not give the enemy an entry through your own mouth. If he gets a foothold, you have likely allowed your words to agree with his lies and deceit. Repent now! Do you see how far you have fallen? Return to your First Love!

“There is a renewal coming that will hit My church like dynamite. I do not mean a destructive force, but an explosive force (the dunamis power of My Holy Spirit). I Am about to explode on the scene through My chosen vessels. Creation is in travail to be renewed; but mostly it cries out for the sons of God to rise up and be made manifest. Social hierarchies, gender wars and the like will continue because Satan wants mankind to keep their focus on world issues. Is he greater than your God? While he is doing everything in his power to stop healing from coming to families, it won’t be stopped for those seeking My face in the midst of their crises. The world has attempted to fix social issues with government programs and politically correct speech that has everyone’s tongue tied. The fear that something said will offend someone has paralyzed speech and communication. It’s like a modern-day manmade Tower of Babel. Your nation elected a man of African descent and many thought this would heal racial tensions; in many ways it has only served to deepen the divide. I do not hold this against the man, as it was not, and is not his burden. He cannot heal this deep, gaping, bloody wound that has divided so many for so long.

“I Am Jehovah Rapha – God your Healer! Healing is in My name. I will heal this divide. As the fathers hearts return to their children and the childrens hearts return to the fathers, I will heal your land.”

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place.” (2 Chronicles 7:14-15 NKJV)

“My people (not the world, not the wicked sinner, not the abortionist, not the homosexual)
“My people humbling themselves
“My people turning from THEIR wicked ways
“Then – I will hear from heaven
“Then – I will forgive their sin
“THEN – I will heal their land
“My ears will be attentive to the prayers presented in the name of Jesus.”

Scriptures to Ponder: Link2Scriptures

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