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11 Tuesday Dec 2012 

There is no way I want to belittle people or issues by making fun of situations! The whole issue of the Christmas tree awoke my spirit again on the things we have to deal with in order to free the body of Christ of the oppressing way we do church! The full freedom Christ provided to His people is not there so others can bring us again in slavery!
We can easily hide up our own lack of freedom and even our unwillingness (mostly because of ignorance) by focussing on the “thinking about others” attitude, while Christ is offering us the fullness of His redemption in confronting us with others!

Legalism is a way of putting each other again in the prison of the rules that are the result of a our own blindness (lack of seeing). It is the Pharisees that created the rules that Jesus was fighting, which came out of a total lack of revaluation but where the result of pride and ignorance. Put them in position and they rule over you with their “the way we do it”!
Christ has liberated us to be free. Stand firm then and don’t submit again to a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1 HCSB)
Of course, this freedom is not meant to be used to do whatever, but there is a fight going on that cause you to limit your living space!
In Sweden we need to please everyone and therefor only a minimal effect will be the result!
Law, legalism, the “sit still, behave, be nice, don”t be loud” attitude is a result of our pride and whenever it brings us to irritation as it is fueled by our soulish life that still lives the pain, we start creating the prison of law for others! When there is no way of enjoying the environment because this one tree is bothering me and taking my full attention, when we can not go into the “full worship” because we think that others are distracted because of the English songs, when we are bothered by the length of the sermon because some need to go to fika… 

I hope I made my point in explaining the working of setting up rules that limit the full freedom Christ brought us! Legalism is a terrible way of controlling each other through the rules we make up.
I watch my grandchildren when they play their games. They easily change the rules while playing in order to win! We have done it over the years, as generations “wanted to win” or better said, dis not want to loose.
Jesus came to set us free and offered us a way out!


1. Strict, literal adherence to the law or to a particular code, as of religion or morality.

2. A legal word, expression, or rule.
Strict is the word that define the difference! Literal adherence, as we rule over each other in a “nice way”! Today the tree and tomorrow the worship, but the result is a people that live in lagom (moderate) and lost the beauty of freedom!

Many people, including Christians, prefer a list of rules for outward behavior rather than paying attention to the attitudes and motivations of the heart. And of course rules are necessary, but when rules only create blind obedience instead of mature thinking, the rules becomes the prison that results in the opposite, namely dependence! When you enter an environment with rules you don’t know, you feel the oppressing spirit of disapproval!
A house that creates, brings forth, mature sons and daughter that are not depended on “the rules of the house” but live the heart of the parents, is a happy, fruitful house!

The House of The Lord needs to be a House of mature sons and daughters that pays attention to the attitudes and motives of the heart!

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