måndag 22 juli 2013

The warfare of brokenness and pure devotion


"The Western church, like a ‘passive smoker’, has inhaled the toxic fumes of its culture. Like Israel of old, she has bowed at the altars of the surrounding nations. And, like her, has inevitably come under a discipline of God. Unlike Asia and large regions of Africa, the West is apostate. Having embraced the creator-God as her Bridegroom in the first several centuries she turned to other lovers – to false gods. But to whom much is given much is required. Because of the light she received in those first several centuries her judgements will be that much more intense. Therefore, until the Western church falls on the rock, the rock will continue to fall on her. The reason we are not seeing the breakthrough in the West, in my view, is simply because God is resisting it!

... If we persist in our pursuit of other gods we will continue to be resisted. The idolatry of technique and the frenetic pursuit of new and better models of doing church will only continue to provoke his displeasure. Even “spiritual warfare” will fail if the underlying sin is not dealt with. Our controversy is not so much with “principalities and powers” as it is with God! As the creator of the earth, he is the ultimate ‘territorial spirit’. The earth is his and if we return to him as the one true and living God he will give it to us – he will bring down every prideful demonic stronghold over cities and nations, because they have first been brought down in us. Our warfare is, therefore, the warfare of brokenness and pure devotion."

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