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Preparing the Nordic nations

END TIME NATIONS from Norden, from the ENDS OF THE EARTH, CROSS in their FLAGS
Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Faroe Islands (not in picture)

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•”Out of the north He comes in golden splendor; God comes in awesome majesty”
 Job 37:22

•”Then i looked and behold, a whirlwind was coming out of the north, a great cloud with raging fire engulfing itself; and brightness was all around it and radiating out of it’s midst like the color of amber, out of the midst of fire. Also from within it came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance: they had the likeness of a man… And each one went straight forward; they went wherever the spirit wanted to go, and they did not turn when they went. Fire was going back and front among the living creatures; the fire was bright and out of the fire went lightning.” ”This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord”.
Ezekiel 1: 4,5,12-13 and 28

•”A glorious cloud is resting over Scandinavia, full of God’s power. Now is the time for Norden’s calling. God is giving to us the responsibility of the nations of Europe (who have forsaken the Christian faith)”
- Swedish Rolf Wiström in his book ”God’s plan for Norden” in 1950

•”I saw the fire coming over Norden and Europe. I saw multitudes of people coming to the Cross of Jesus” – Rolf Wiström 

•”God’s plan for Norden is to make it an evangelize base for Europe” – Kjell Sjöberg 

•”God is seeking an army in Norden to do His great works… Do you want to be healed from lukewarmness God is asking Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Great things will happen, be brothers and sisters Norway and Finland…Prophets are going to proclaim the word of God to nations in these times. Norway and Finland has to bow down before God. I say to the priests: They lead the nation, bow down!” – Martie Haayer, 1987 in Jerusalem Fiests of Tabernacles 

•”The nations are calling. From the North comes prayer. Norway will release her hidden treasures. Sweden will stop her divisive ways and the youth will come through to lead the way. From Finland will come even those with apostolic anointing.” – Martin Scott 2001

•”That creative light that’s coming from Norden brings light to whole Europe. Voice and light will become one and you will lead Europe to that voice that I have for this time” – Chuck Pierce 2007 in Finland 

•”When God visited me in 1983 He showed me the northern countries of Europe and their importance to the future of the nations and movement of God on earth.”- Chuck Pierce 

• The vision: map of Nordic nations going to Europe and to Jerusalem, by the Blood of the Lamb and the martyrs. – Gunnar Brudeli 2006

•”..I felt that His call was going out to His prophets in Scandinavia…He will start to move in Sweden in three wawes that will precede the revival. God showed me Denmark that was mobilizing. I saw a prepared support army in Finland that was ready to move into Sweden to assist in these moves of the Holy Spirit…” – Thonni Josef Groth, 2011 

•”God will cleanse and set apart the Church of the cross flags nations of Norden under the Head of Jesus Christ to Himself for His plans in Europe. He will lift up prophets and apostles to seek Him together for these ’end time nations’ and to prepare the saints for the work of the Gospel. He will send submitted Christians in teams to Europe to help start churches and to call to prayer in preparation for revival and the coming of the Lord.” – Päivi Heikkilä 2009 

GREATEST % OF EVANGELICALS in Europe (Wikipedia 2011): Finland 12 % , United Kingdom 8,8 %, Norway 8,4 %, Latvia 7 %, Estonia 4,9 %, Switzerland 4,4 %, Iceland 3,8 %, Ukraine 3,8 %, Denmark 3,5 % 


Army of God to cities and villages
– intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare by prayer groups and by churches together = building altars of God and throwing down altars of satan (spiritual mapping needed) – Christian business men’s networks called too 

2. BREAKTROUGH 24/7 Praise and Worship
- Houses of Prayer , Prayer Centers, Churches; continuous praise and worship and prayer 

Preparing the Church, Eph. 4:10-16
- Head (corner stone) Jesus Christ, Fivefold ministry gifts preparing every saint ready for the work of the Gospel 

God has routes for us via Europe to Israel…



• God’s generals helping to rise up Army of God in Europe
• Prophetic teams helping to rise up houses of prayer in Europe
• Fivefold ministry gifts helping to prepare the Church of Christ in Europe 

We had a NORDIC PRAYER GATHERING 9.11.2013 in King’s Ministries. There were prayer leaders from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Something we prayed and got from God:
Päivi Heikkilä introduced the prophecies and visions God has given to several of His servants in past and today concerning Norden. We see that God is sending Nordic nations to Europe and to Israel to serve in His plans and purposes. 

About Nordic nations there is much good to say; greatest % of evangelicals in Europe, best countries to live in the world, happiest people, the position of women best, no corruption… and the Vikings example to us so that we would be
- causing fear and terror in the enemy’s camp in Europe!
– bold and furious warriors!
– have sharp twoedge swords!
– abundantly sacrificing to God!
– giving the Name of our God to every day of the week!
– going on the water!
– keeping together! taking land!

We can easily see the pioneering spirit and leadership qualities in all these things mentioned here. Being once so obsessed by evil spirits of Vikings, today we have more bornagain believers in our countries than in other countries in Europe.

But there are also many meaningful things to ask for forgiveness; the blood shedding of Vikings, shamanism, old nature worship as religion, pride, control, envy…
God said, that our forefathers, the Vikings, had closed our way to Europe by the hatred and cruelty they carried everywhere they went. 

During the time period from 790-1070 Vikings went from Norway and Denmark to England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. From Sweden they went to France, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. There were Vikings living in Finland too, so they must have joined the trips. Vikings had even 80 000 men in their groups as they went to kill and rob and destroy.
We had the map of the Viking routes as well the map of the vision Nordic nations going through Europe to Israel. In tears we confessed and asked God to forgive the sins of our forefathers of all antichristian works. God spoke us forgiveness and proclaimed that the Blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed us and opened the way to Europe. This came also through a prophecy. There was healing both to Norden and to Europe from these old things.

Then we prayed for each Nordic nation separately with maps and flags. Some things are similar in our nations; the changing of the law in accepting the same sex marriages, the Lutheran church and the giving up from the Word of God that’s going on there, the need to rise up and gather the Army of God for us to be more able and effective to fight against the enemy, the need of apostolic – prophetic leadership to help pastors, evangelists and teachers to prepare the Body of Christ for the work of the Gospel.

We need prophets and apostles to seek the Lord and to find together with the Holy Spirit God’s ways and strategies how to stand together in all these things the Church is facing today and in the future (like they did in the time of the early church). There is much confusion and fear in the Body without a clear common voice of God’s prophets and apostles today. God is calling believers in our nations to Mount Zion, the Holy of Holiest, to seek Him and to become carriers of His Presence. He is calling us to become adults in Christ.

There will be a bigger Nordic Prayer Gathering in August in Finland organized by Finnish prayer leaders, welcome to join! More information later.


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