söndag 9 augusti 2015

Davids hjärta


"… As we have seen, a lot of what is happening today is an emphasis on new paradigms of ministry. The contemporary church landscape is littered with a multiplicity of conferences and books on new apostolic structures, cell structures and so on. We think all we need to do is change the system. …

The new covenant, though, is not a promise of new paradigms but of new hearts (Ezk 36:26). While there are certainly paradigms of church life that more adequately facilitate spiritual life, heaven’s priority is on the wine, not the wineskin – on the spirit, not the structure. No amount of superimposing new paradigms – new methods, techniques, or programs on the old problem of idolatry will produce revival. It will simulate renewal for a short while, but never stimulate revival.

Only a return to the ‘heart of David’ will produce the revival we are longing for. Like David, God give this generation a cry for a 'new spirit' (Psa 51) – for a clean heart – a heart that will not bow to another god."

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