söndag 30 augusti 2015

This is a Season of Realignment

Från bloggen "Prophetic Horizons" by Gary Elkins

This is a Season of Realignment

We have entered a season where some of you will have your lives and ministries realigned for greater impact.  You are about to enter a new and unexplored future.  A realigning must first take place before that future is experienced. This realignment will require a change of direction because the previous course would not bring you to the destination God has planned for your life. To experience the blessing and benefit of this realignment you will need to focus your efforts on a new and previously unseen horizon.  This new horizon is where you will see the approaching manifestation of a fresh work of God's Spirit.

Some of the elements of this realignment will take place without your permission. You will simply be forced through circumstances beyond your control to align with a season of life you had never considered. This is where you will have the opportunity to live out Paul's words to the Romans that tell us God can work out everything for our good - even in the middle of the whirlwind of a life-transition.

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