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6 månaders profetisk träning

Från YWAM Cévennes, Frankrike:

WIP-training to see people established in the prophetic Print E-mail
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A vision for the WIP-training and see people established in the prophetic:
WIP stands for
W = worship
I = intercession
P = prophetic
Worship and intercession are foundational to grow in the prophetic. So, that foundation needs to be solid  and established at the same time as people grow in the prophetic.

We cannot seperate the 3. Thus said, we want to see prophetic people develop their gifting and go into their destiny, becoming mature in their calling, not being tossed to and fro by all that hinders coming into fullness.

We propose a school and intership of 6 month from 20th of Sept 2016 to 24th of March 2017, as this will take time to see a transformation and build a new solide foundation.  
There will be a week of teaching every month from a mature christian in their field. The staff will also give some teaching as we move ahead. There will be a lot of time set apart to practise the WIP at the center and locally, but there will be several trips abroad for this purpose as well, through OCE (www.oceprayer.com) , YETOP – YWAM-Europe Tabernacle of Prayer during the Feast of Tabernacles (Oct 17-24, 2016) and other initiative planned or as the Spirit speaks at the moment.

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