torsdag 31 december 2015

Två uppmuntrande profetiska ord iniför 2016

Med dessa två profetiska ord förmedlade genom Lana Wavser och Glasgow Prophetic Centre, vill jag önska alla läsare ett gott, nytt och välsignat 2016!:

Again today I kept hearing the words over and over again "The areas that have caused you the greatest burden are going to turn to the greatest blessings as you align yourself in belief/faith and declaration with what He is saying. 

The "long awaited" breakthroughs in the areas that have been burdening many have become incubators for the greatest blessings and miracles many have ever seen. Don't let the enemy tell you it's too late, or it's over. God works all things for good (Romans 8:28), and He is turning things around as His people choose the "right alignment"...Alignment with Him in belief and declaration.

His burden is easy and His yoke is light (Matthew 11:30) is going to become an even greater physical reality for many in this alignment.

Many who have felt great burden because of certain circumstances are stepping into seeing some of the greatest miraculous turnarounds. Literal transformations, even overnight transformations where things will be completely different, totally changed, sudden miracles.
Many will be surprised, the very things they thought would NEVER shift, are going to be vessels of some of the most powerful moves of His Spirit in this season.
Burdens are being broken and turning to blessings!!!


Lana Wavser:s hemsida:

Begin to watch and see in '4D'

The Spirit of God is beginning to stir up your heart for MORE: more of Him, more of His power, more of His boldness. He is stirring up a hunger that wants to see a release of His glory into the sphere (the situations where you have influence) He has placed you in!

God wants you to know that this hunger - even to the point of frustration - is preparing you to take your part in the soon to be released, 'Epic Performance of His Power'. The biggest show of His power and glory ever seen on earth!

Do not think you have missed it... you are right on time! 'The big picture' is being revealed. You will see like you've never seen before. Fresh, renewed vision will be yours in this season.

God is giving you '4D' vision - you will understand and work in the 'God Dimension'. It's the realm of His glory where anything can happen! Prepare to take your place in this great cast of faith-filled 'heroes'. Leave frustration and disappointment behind and joyfully step up to your high call in Christ Jesus!
All the credit will go to Jesus Christ whose Kingdom knows no end!

Psalms 145:11-13 They shall speak of the glory of your Kingdom, And talk of your power, to make known to the sons of men His mighty acts, And the glorious majesty of His Kingdom. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And your dominion endures throughout all generations.


Glasgow Prophetic Centre, hemsida:.

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