torsdag 11 februari 2016

"The Judge Has Made His Judgment"

"The Judge Has Made His Judgment"

by Amanda Wells, Brisbane, Australia

An Encounter: "We Have Appended the Enemy"

Recently I had a dream encounter and as I woke I knew it was prophetic for the Body of Christ. I heard a knock on the door, our back door, and as I answered it I saw a police officer standing with a person, although it was not the person but the spirit that was binding the person, in handcuffs next to them.

The police officer said to me, "We have apprehended the enemy, the thief. Come with me as we go before the judge; the enemy will be charged and sentenced and will have to repay." I started to follow the police officer and the apprehended criminal and the officer said to me, "Tell the Body of Christ, the thief has been caught, the judged sentenced, and this is the year of repayment!"

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