torsdag 25 februari 2016

Det hjärtat är fullt av talar munnen

My Words – Who I Am Will Always Come Out One Way Or Another

Out of the overflow or abundance of my heart, my mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45)
At some point, what goes in will come out.
When God began to deal with and heal anger in my life, He gave me free reign to say what I wanted anytime I wanted to. Since I didn’t respect those small inner promptings of Holy Spirit to watch my tongue, God basically said, “Go for it.” Then He stood back and watched as I spoke with passion (that’s what I called it). God called it anger, frustration, pain and control.
There were more times than I care to remember when people close to me felt the sting of my words. Looking back, I saw it in their eyes as my verbal assault hit their hearts. I saw them reel back in hurt. My words formed a battlefield of provocation and destruction, warlike in their nature. Fighting the good fight of “No compromise” or being a “Defender of Truth”, I was a master at wounding others rather than face my own pain. I was in a war.

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