måndag 24 april 2017

Passion för sanningen

Now Is The Time For Miracles!

by Diane Lake

"There’s a spirit of deception that keeps people deceived, but it feels like people are desperate for truth. As we believe that heaven rules, there’s a “truth forecast”—God’s building an army of reformers across the earth ready to stand for truth!"
"The Lord showed me that there’ll be a passion for peace. A principal meaning for peace is “a state of national tranquility” (Strong’s NT 1515). As these reformers stand for truth they will be used by the Lord to bring a spirit of peace to the nation! (See Isa. 32:16-17.)"

Läs hela texten här:
Jesaja 32:16-17
16 Då skall rätten ta sin boning
i öknen, rättfärdigheten bo
på det bördiga fältet.
Rättfärdighetens frukt
skall vara frid, och rättfärdighetens vinning
vara ro och trygghet till evig tid. 

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