måndag 14 juli 2008

Greater Death, Greater Depths

Greater Death, Greater Depths
Deborah A. Gaston

“By faith Enoch was taken so that he did not experience death; and he was not found, because God had taken him. For it was attested before he was taken away that he had pleased God.” (Hebrews 11:5 NRSV)

"My Child, you have prayed to be like Enoch. Many have prayed that same prayer, and many more shall; for, it is a desire that I have placed within those who hunger for Me. But few understand what it really means to "walk with God." Few recognize the level of dying required.

Greater depths require greater death!

It is one thing to say "I want to walk with God like Enoch did." It is quite another thing to die in order to not know death. It is quite another thing to surrender all for the excellency of knowing Me, to be willing to "be not." You quote with joy that you want to know the power of My Son's resurrection. But what about the fellowship of His suffering and conforming to His death?
". . .and he was not found; for God had taken him."

And the same will be said of you, My Child. The enemy will not be able to find you; for, I will have taken you. The naysayers and scoffers will not find you. Those that envy you and seek to dislace you will not find you. The arrows that they shoot to wound your heart will not find you. Those who seek to dishonor or destroy your name, destroy your reputation will not find you; for, you will be lost in Me. Death will not be able to find you; for I will have taken you!

And more importantly the enemy will have nothing in you (John 14:30b); for, I will have taken you!

Set your face like flint. Focus all on Me and My word to you! Make the choice "to be not" remembering that greater depths in Me require a greater death in you."


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