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The Arising Prophets

The Arising Prophets
Elvis Iverson

The prophets are coming, there is a greater wave of the prophetic that is coming, and there is coming a great outpouring of prophecy,visions, dreams, and revelation, signs, gifts of the Spirit, power of God, prayer, fasting, and Workplace Prosperity upon the church in all nations and in all cities, we will see prophets arise with grace and anointing to see and do signs, and guide the church into the footsteps of destiny, and we will see the apostles moving forth in the signs of an apostles. -(Acts 2:17-18)

This prophetic company has been hidden, being trained by the Holy Spirit, but now the time is upon us, that these outstanding prophets will arise to their holy calling, which is being friends of the Bridegroom, this is the call of all the prophets and apostles. -(LK.5:33-39)

I personal have been speaking about a stronger order of apostles and prophets that will arise to shake the church into the power and glory of God, and their sons and daughters will follow them, we will have generational blessings and ministries that will pass from one generation to the next. -(Eph. 2:20, 3:5)

The church will arise in spiritual gifts, gifts of the Spirit, supernatural signs, and prophecy, the Lord will give us leaders who can lead in grace and liberty that know that they are the servants of Christ. Bishops and administrators will no longer lead the church, instead apostles and prophets with revelation and power. -(1 Cor.12:28)

The arising prophets will begin to arise with prophetic words that will not fall to the ground, there prophetic words will come to pass, they will move in wisdom in the prophetic anointing, as there prophetic words come forth in prophetic fulfillment, the whole church will begin to be release into prophetic fulfillment. As these prophets prophesy the church will fill with the testimony of Jesus, and Christ will be glorify, and worship will arise from our hearts, and as these prophets speak forth the living prophetic word, and as their words come to pass the fear of God will fall on people, however these prophets are humble and have a servant heart. Increase prophetic fulfillment will come upon these prophets and the church. As they prophesy, and prophetic fulfillment happens, signs will come forth from their ministry. -(1 Sam. 3:1-21)

Notwithstanding, these prophets have been train in the school of the Spirit for some time, there are those prophets who are forerunners that the Lord raised them up by Himself, since He could not find a fathers heart, instead these prophets will become mature prophets and become prophetic fathers to the arising school of the prophets, the will of the Lord is to establish a school of the prophets. The prophetic sons and daughters will flow in love and anointing and will walk in the coming prophetic anointing and outpouring. -(1 Sam.10:5-6,9-12, 19:18-24)

You don't just one day say you're a prophet and then go outministering prophetic grace and anointing, instead you allow the Holy Spirit to train and raise you up our in His time, and you allow other prophets and apostles to give you that honor of being called a prophet. -(1 Pet. 5:5-11)

There prophetic ministry that is arising will join to the apostles, prophets will be around the apostolic grace of apostles, apostles and prophets will be in ongoing relationship and fellowship; for the foundation is apostles and prophets. -(Acts 11:27-30,13:1-3,32,35,Acts 16, Acts 21:1-14)

The prophetic ministry will come to the forefronts of the church, the prophetic wisdom and revelation will guide the church with leading apostles, apostles and prophets will be the center leaders of the church, and in the local congregations and the church; apostles,prophets and teachers will be the appointed elders in the house of the Lord. -(1 Cor. 12:28, Eph. 2:20)

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