tisdag 2 december 2008

Året som kommer

The year ahead
Martin Scott

Here are a few thoughts for the coming year that I posted recently.
I am aware of the significant changes that I am personally experiencing as this year closes and the next one opens, but trust this is not simply perspectives that come from projectionism.
The last few weeks of this year are critical weeks when there will be a pressure to bring to a right conclusion what is necessary. There will be opportunity to leave behind some old hindrances and to enter a new phase with fresh energy. Look for the resolution of what needs to be finished.

This perspective was confirmed to me recently when I was sent a dream someone had. It was of a gathering of believers who in 2012 were reviewing events from 2000 to 2012. In the dream 2008 was key and a voice came that said, "What they left undone in 2008 has resulted in where they are now." Some looked on with anxiety, some with anger, some with regret.

What we refuse to give attention to that is being brought to a conclusion in this year, will prove very hard to revisit at a later date.
This is not a hard word, but a focused one - God knows what he is calling for resolution over. So a hearing of his voice will be important. Even the next month will present some fresh opportunities to visit these issues.

This is very true in the UK. 2012 is a major date for the UK, and for the rest of Europe and globally also but not at such an intense level.

There are coming forced vacuums. Many will find themselves being separated from former dependencies (the dependency culture is a major battleground in the coming year). Relationships that have become dependent relationships will be challenged and also structures that have been relied on will be shaken and a number removed.

Through these removals there will come a clarification as to what we are standing for, and the release of fresh vision. These vacuums will also catalyse an acceleration as they will allow people to be drawn to a new level. This will be reflective of Jesus' action of withdrawing as he deemed this was better for the disciples so that they could begin to do what he had been doing.
The opening of 09 will be almost silent but then there will be many contradictory voices. A spirit of debate will arise, but the strong voice of 09 will be that of JUSTICE. Wisdom will be heard in the market place; talk of alternative economics will rise.

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