söndag 14 december 2008

Trust Me To Provide Your Needs

Trust Me To Provide Your Needs

Dear child, the world has entered a season of trouble and difficulty, and its financial system is failing before the eyes of all men. People are learning that they do not have all the answers; and despite their best efforts, many are seeing their plans and strategies to secure their futures come to naught. Yes, dear one, these are troubling times for many. But I do not want you to be frightened or surprised by this. Indeed, I have told you that there will be tribulation in this world, but the blood of My Son has already overcome this world, so you have no cause to be afraid. Be of good cheer, for your life and your future are not defined by the world's current financial system--they are defined by Me.

Let Me say it again, dear child. I do not want you to fret because of the world's current economic crisis. You may be in the world, but you are not of this world. You are My child, and you are in My care. I want you to put your trust in Me, for I desire to take care of you; and I am well able to supply everything that you need. That is right, dear one. I am your loving heavenly Father, and I delight to take good care of My own.

You believe this is true, but at the same time, you have difficulty believing that I really do desire to provide and to take good care of you. That is because you are confusing My care with My discipline.

It is easy to assume that if you do not live up to every one of My expectations, that I will punish you by withholding some of the things that you need. Or you may think that if you are not perfect, then I will change My mind and not want to take care of you.

But I am not like that, dear one. My care and provision for you are not based on your performance, but on our love-relationship. How can I turn My back on you once you have been adopted into My family? That is not in My nature, for I am a good and loving Father, and I always take good care of My own.

Look at it in the natural, so that you might understand what I am saying: Even when a child has been naughty, its father does not disown it or stop loving it. A good earthly father does not take away his child's food and shelter and clothing because that child did not live up to his expectations. No, that father loves his child, and he continues to take care of it to the best of his ability. Man have been made in My image, and I am like a good earthly father in that respect.

However, there is one important difference between Myself and a human father. His resources are limited, but Mine are not. I am the God of all power and of all might and nothing is too hard for Me. Don't you understand, dear child? I have both the desire and the ability to not only take good care of you, but also to give you many good gifts above and beyond your minimal needs.

But as My Son Jesus has said in My word, you must trust Me and put your faith in Me. Trust that I am Who I say I am--Your father. Trust that I love you and I know what you need. Trust that I will supply for you because you are My child.

Do not fret or be alarmed by the world's current economic situation. Instead, trust Me to provide your needs. Then watch and see what Iwill do for you.

Teresa Seputis


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