torsdag 18 december 2008

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Surprise Your Enemy
Clara Iverson

The evil one is very foolish. He knows he is doomed. God has reserved in everlasting chains under darkness for the judgment of the great day for him. (Jude 1:6) Right now, he only has one weak weapon called lies. Through centuries, he just keeps using this weapon to steal, kill and destroy. Nothing much, nothing new. Let us uncover his devices and schemes and overthrow all his plots.

Let us imagine satan as a director of a reality show. He hired actors and actresses and he had all the resources to put on this reality show. (John 8:44) Since you were a baby, satan put scenarios in your situations. He created traumas, loneliness, failures, fears, and betrayal in your childhood. He filled the mouth of your parents and your peers with words of criticism. Words such as “You are a failure” or “You are not beautiful” were just quotes from the script. Satan this director wrote the script and made those actors says them. His intention was to hurt you, to put roadblocks in your life, and to make you believe you were a failure.

Some are afraid of water. Why? Because satan this director put a scenario there in which windstorm got so violent and blew away your loved one. (Who was also an actor.) You were grieved for so many days and vowed to yourself that you will never walk close to the ocean or anything related to water. See, satan was successful in building a stronghold of fear in your life. Whenever you are close to your destiny, he just needs to put “water” or the object of your fear around you, then you will never inherit your blessings from God. That is how satan manipulates you in your whole entire life.

Friends, the truth will definitely set you free. But you must humble yourself, hear with your ears and understand with your heart. The very thing that holds you back is the very thing that can set you free. If you would face “water” or the object of your fear, and challenge this fear, you will be set free forever. As you embark on this journey of faith, satan, of course, will not give up easily. When you walk close to the seashore, he as a director of this reality show will darken clouds by turning on the lighting and sound effects. He can even hit the windstorm button to remind you of your “trauma” in your childhood. However, the deep cry for freedom inside of you is stronger than any weak lies of fear. You must attain your victory. So you keep sailing and sailing. Guess what? Satan can ONLY do this much. God Almighty has set a boundary line for him. Satan cannot kill you. Eventually, he has to give up and turn on the sunlight button. Then, all the windstorms subside. There are water everywhere in your boat, even some fish, but your life is SAFE. You are safe in the palm of God’s hands. Hallelujah! Hahahah! What can satan do to me? That is all you got?! Satan, you only got a button of wind and a button of storm!

Finally, your boat reaches the end of this illusion. You hit something hard. It is the wall of the TV studio. You are completely awakened. All those trauma, sadness, and fears in your past were simply an act. It is a scam. Your whole entire life is being watched on TV. God knows you can make it out of this trap. God has faith in you. He knows that you will one day realize nothing can hinder you to freedom. You then push the EXIT door and you are out of this TV studio. This is just like at the end of the cartoon scooby-doo, when the masks of the villains are removed, they are not monsters at all. They are not vampires at all. It is just a fake show. Fear is completely unreal. They are but mere lies.

Friends, you are smarter than the devil. No longer repeat the same pattern of fleeing from your fears. Surprise the enemy. Do something the director will never suspect you to do. Sail to your fears and challenge your fears. You cannot die. The devil can ONLY do that much. Facing your fears is not life threatening. You are the apple of God’s eyes and God says “NO” to satan. Satan cannot harm you. In the end, God will restore double portion of blessings to you and you will not suffer like that any more. Look at Job, God turns his situations around 360 degree. Trust in your Abba Father wholeheartedly. Be determined to strive for your freedom. Obey faith and venture in faith. Your determination will upset satan and he has to give up and fool someone else. (Implications are from the movie “The Truman Show”)

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