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Bär mer frukt under 2009 - del 1

Jewels from Judy: A Season of Fruitfulness 2009-2012
By Judy Bauman

January 1, 2009
An exhortation from the Father's heart to yours: A Season of Fruitfulness 2009-2012

Part One
October 16, 2008

You have entered into a new season of fruitfulness in a dynamic way. Do not be dismayed or distracted by living in the past when it comes to pruning. If you want to be fruitful for My kingdom then you must be pruned each season. The fruitfulness of your life and relationship with Me will be greatly diminished in the coming season if you do not release the pruned branches and let the new growth come forth in its time with its fruit. Many take a branch that I have loped off and try to stick it back in the Vine. Do you not know that once I have removed it, it will no longer live or thrive? At that point one would be guilty of dead works and will fall into judgment (see Matthew 7:21-23). So let it go, release it to Me, and grow into the fruitfulness of this season with Me!

Did Jesus tell you that you are the branches and He is the True Vine? Is not your Heavenly Father the Vinedresser? Do you trust your Father to know what you need, or do you trust yourself more? If you are not pruned back and trained by My skilled hand, then you will become unruly and unfruitful. Because the pruning needed is important to the growth of the branches of the Vine, it takes One who is courageous, has a trained hand and eye, and has your fruitfulness in mind when cutting. I know, says the Lord, the exact number of buds which should remain for the maximum fruitfulness in the coming season. I correct, train and discipline those I love. What you believe to be productive growth in the past season, I see as what needs to be pruned back to the Vine for the fruitfulness of the next season.

Are you growing fruit for My kingdom or yours? If it is for yours, that fruit will not remain in the age to come; but if it is for My kingdom, then you will allow Me to prune you because you will know it is My love for you that guides My hand. Understand that when the grapevine is expertly pruned back it often "bleeds" heavily. This is normal. I cut back those branches that have grown far and wide. To your eye they look strong, but to My expert eye I know that the sweetness of the grapes will be compromised in the coming season if they are not removed. If the branches from the previous season's growth are allowed to develop as they are, they may appear to be fruitful to your eye, but I know the fruit grown in a season with no prior pruning will produce fruit that is sour, dry or bitter.

Child, I know the pruning is difficult, but you can endure it and you will be so much better off for submitting to My hand. Fighting the pruning will only traumatize you more. Let Me take from you that which is hindering and allow Me to bring forth new growth you have only imagined.

Be clear that if I have pruned a business, person or a ministry from you, it is for your good and theirs. It does not necessarily mean that what has been pruned from you has been pruned from Me. If I have pruned someone or something away from your life, it does not mean it is dead. It is just dead to you. Be very careful not to apply this word to things outside of My word. (i.e.: trying to justify divorce or a lack of integrity and honesty in the workplace or ministry.)

Now with all this in mind, please allow Me to address some things for the coming year. 2009/5769* is a year for the manifestation of fruitfulness for My Kingdom. As there are nine noted "Fruits" of My Spirit, there are also nine "Gifts" of My Spirit. This will be a year of fullness for those who have been trained by My pruning and discipline to walk in My fruit and manifest My gifts.

Hebrews 12:11
No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. NIV

No chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. NKJV

I chose and appointed you to go bear fruit. Whatever you ask Me in Jesus' name I will give it when you ask according to My will. It is My will which is to be done on the earth as it is already being done in heaven. Come boldly to My Throne of Grace to receive mercy in your time of need. Do you not perceive the great cost and price Jesus paid to rend the veil to the Holy of Holies so that you are allowed to come boldly to Me in your time of need? I am telling you to come boldly! When you come boldly you reveal your trust in Me and prove that you believe My Word over your feelings.

The spiritual fruitfulness, or lack thereof, in this present season will touch and reach into 2012. Divine order in My Body will begin to take shape in 2010. In 2011 those who are of the leaven of heaven 1 will be revealed. Conversely those claiming to be Mine but partake in the leaven of the Pharisees, Sadducees and Herod 2 will be exposed. Leaven will be exposed in the hearts of all and will reveal order or disorder, righteousness or unrighteousness, faithfulness or faithlessness. Those full of love for Me will triumph over hatred and treachery. This exposé will set up My perfection of government in 2012. The degree of trust in Me that you exhibit in the present pruning will determine the levels of harvest in coming years and specifically in the next four years. Expect a greater pruning in 2011 and consequently a huge harvest to come in 2012 - if and only if you allow Me to cut away the long branches which will grow from this present pruning. I tell you this ahead of time so that you will not hold onto what I am about to release to you. Allow the healing from this pruning and see what fruit - what glorious fruit I will bring forth!

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