onsdag 28 januari 2009



Precious one, you may have wondered why I have brought people into your life that are difficult to relate with. Please know that everything I do is with purpose, and I do not waste any of My precious time. This is also the case regarding the matter of relationships. I bring certain people across your path to bring out the things in you that are still offensive to Me so I can then, in partnership with you, remove those offensive things once and for all.

Also remember that I love and care for the other person as well and wish to see My deliverance brought about in both of you. Does not My word say that just as iron sharpens iron, a person sharpens the character of his friend?*

In doing this, I am answering your prayers regarding the removal of all things that prevent My life from flowing through you. One way I do this is through relationships, because it is in those places that most often offense has gained a stronghold in My people.

However, as you yield to Me even in your interaction with others, I will surely give you wisdom and direction in how to handle every situation that comes along. Be prepared for Me to point to various things in your life I want to bring adjustment to and be ready to yield to My refining process willingly. I do not wish for you to carry the pain and wounds of past relationships. Yield those pains and wounds to me now so that I can then bring My healing into those places and cause a new level of freedom and liberty that also frees you to enjoy relationships without having to reference back to past failures and experiences.

I am looking for servants that can minister to the hurting and downcast in love and patience without prejudice. This can't happen unless you are delivered from your own prejudices and false expectations of how a person needs to respond or not respond to you. As you allow Me to set you free from the anxieties of being in relationship with others, you will discover the beauty and preciousness of relationships I brought together, some only for a season, others permanently.

*Prov 27:17

This word is submitted by Elvi Glass [RundUmDieUhr@hotmail.com]

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