måndag 6 september 2010

Torka och regn

Drought and Rain
The body has been in a dry place, the land has been ravaged. So it is in drought. The enemy has torn across it as a swarm of locust, but I say that the time is drawing near that the landscape will change. The land will open up and receive all that I have. I am bringing the rain. Continue to prepare the way.

Be that voice in the wilderness, crying out to Me 'Prepare the way.' Dig the trenches. Dig, dig, dig--deeper and deeper. Dig, so that when the rain comes, it will run and fill up the land and fill up those trenches and wells that have been dug.

Tell My people to dig deep and get a hold of My promise--that I will bring the rain. After this season comes to an end, the rain will come and refresh. Things will move and change. My body (those that were waiting and watching) will look different, and they will be different after My rain comes.

Hold on I tell you, hold on!

Do you hear the thunder? Do you see the dark rainclouds? They look like dark clouds of the enemy. Although he laughs at this minute, I will turn things around and I will bring good rain from those dark clouds.
So although it looks like one thing now, it in essence is something entirely different. Look in the spirit: perceive, conceive, and bring forth! Come forth My bride--press in, dig deeper and come forth!

This word is submitted by L. Moore [Moore4God@aol.com]

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