torsdag 9 december 2010

Come Sit Next To Me

Jewels from Judy: Come Sit Next To Me
By Judy Bauman

December 8, 2010
An exhortation from the Father's heart to yours: Come Sit Next To Me

“As I give you rest from the days gone by, I urge you to set your face like flint for the days to come. But don’t get lost looking too far back or too far forward. Keep your feet from stumbling by knowing what’s just ahead of you, with where I Am taking you in sight. Learn from the walk, the run, and the stumbling of the past; but don’t allow your past to dictate to you where I Am taking you. For better or worse – good or bad, it’s old wine.

“My desire is for you to drink anew and receive My Spirit in this time and season in full strength. I Am looking for vessels to fill – vessels which have kept themselves in Me.

“If you feel you have fallen short, I beckon you to come and sit next to Me and let Me put My arm around you. I feel your disappointment. Let us come together and see what can be done to help keep you from stumbling in the future. You do not have to shoulder the weight of this burden alone.

“I Am not One who sits in judgment with a hammer ready to hit or a lightning bolt ready to strike! I sent what I love most to take your shame, guilt and lack and nailed it to the Cross. Allow the salve of My love to bring healing to your wounds and let us walk together in victory in the days to come.”

Your Abba

Scripture References
Psalm 103:8; Isaiah 50:7; Colossians 2:13, 14; Second Timothy 2:21; Jude 1:20-25; Revelation 3:18

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