lördag 25 februari 2012

Ett starkt vittnesbörd

Detta är ett mycket starkt vittnesbörd av en kvinna som levde ett vanligt kristet liv, gick till kyrkan och var engagerad där osv. Men läs fortsättningen, det finns så mycket mer!
Guds välsignelse! / Barnabas

Being a Testimony
by Lynette Woods

As any lawyer will tell you, the most important thing about a testimony is that you testify to something that you personally have witnessed, experienced, seen and heard. A judge and jury don't want to hear about what you think, what you have read, what someone else has told you, what you think you're expected to say, or even what you believe to be true; they want to hear about what you have actually seen and know to be true from your own experience. That is what a testimony is.

In religious circles, a "testimony" is usually about how bad you were until you discovered God, started going to church, became a "good Christian" and supposedly lived happily ever after. And usually the worse the person was, the "better" and the more sensational the "testimony" is considered to be. Unfortunately, these "testimonies" can be more about what the person did and what has been seen and experienced physically here in this world, than what has been genuinely seen and experienced spiritually outside of this world... 

I recently read the testimony of a man who had been promiscuous, a drug addict, and drug dealer who ended up in prison where he reached the end of his rope and turned to God. Whenever I hear testimonies like that, I feel as though my own story is pretty boring because I was always so "good". Although I can't talk about being saved from being "bad" according to this world's definition, I can testify about being saved from being "good". And yes, I truly did need rescuing from my "goodness", such as it was!

It is far more difficult to be rescued 
from being good than from being bad, because when you (and others) believe that you are doing all the right things and that you are inherently good, you can't see that you are really self-righteous and proud. Goodness doesn't seem bad to us, but as they say, "good" is the biggest enemy of "best". 

So what is my testimony? In a sentence: My testimony is simply one of being brought from death to Life!

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