onsdag 15 februari 2012

Inbjudan till bön i Jakarta

Från den 14 till den 19 maj 2012 kommer det att bli en internationell bönesamling i Jakarta, Indonesien, The World Prayer Assembly, WPA, då man förväntar att tusentals bedjare kommer samman från hela världen för bön och lovsprisning av Herren. Första gången det var en sådan här samling var i  Seoul 1984 då tretusen bedjare samlades. Sedan dess har mycket hänt. Så här skriver John Robb som är samordnare för samlingen i Jakarta och ledare för "The international prayer council, IPC" :

"That original event, the International Prayer Assembly, had gathered over 3000 Christian leaders to Seoul, Korea. It was a very catalytic event, resulting in the prayer movement taking off “like a rocket thrust,” as Ben Jennings, one of its leaders and a later founder of the IPC would report. Before that first gathering there were no national prayer networks. The IPA encouraged the formation of many such national and international networks as well as numerous prayer initiatives which the Lord has used to impact nations. The movement for world evangelization was especially influenced through the connection of prayer and evangelism. The host nation of Korea itself has seen a 55 fold increase of overseas missionaries, growing from 400 in 1984 to over 22,000 in 2010, following that first International Prayer Assembly. But the prayer revival has also affected many other kinds of ministry efforts that are engaged in bringing Christ’s salvation, healing and transformation to our world. 

During a United Nations Prayer Initiative, arranged by the International Prayer Council in September 2009, our leadership team had agreed that we needed to hold another such international prayer congress. We felt it was time to pull together the diverse strands of the prayer movement, to celebrate all the Lord had done through the global prayer movement and to learn from one another as we coordinate go-forward plans for the future." 

läs hela texten härhttp://www.wpa2012.org/content/wpa2012

"The WPA will assess what the Body of Christ has experienced through the worldwide explosion of prayer efforts since the last International Prayer Assembly in 1984 and will enable cross-fertilization and connection of a much larger cross-section of prayer ministries from all of the church."


Prophetic words given to Leslie Keegel concerning WPA 2012 
Shared during Indonesia ministry visit in mid-January by Dr. Leslie Keegel, vice-chairman of the Foursquare International church movement and member of the IPC leadership team:

"The theme for WPA 2012 is the "New Wave".  Years and years of prayer are bringing about a new birth in the womb of the church. There is a birthing of a new global movement spiritually out of Indonesia.  The birthing mechanism is the World Prayer Assembly. There is a huge tsunami, through which demonic institutions and principalities will be challenged. The new wave will overtake them by surprise.  All the heavy, concrete, deeply grounded, demonic- influenced institutions will crash and the move will be more powerful than ever before.  All the debris of darkness will be washed away. National demonic deities that have corrupted the nations and oppressed the people - these powers are going to be challenged and the power of God will emerge.

A mountain of prophesy from God will emerge. His people will be in the right places.     Unreached people groups will come to the Lord. I had dreams at 2:00 or 3:00 am in the morning and this is what I saw: 
  • I saw crescendos of praise over the nations and bursting things apart.
  • Angels come in between the people and their praises. Angels lifted up their prayers to a new level.  
  • I saw God touching people. Creative miracles never seen before will be released. The joy is ecstatic. There is dancing and rejoicing. There is liquid love. So pure.
  • I saw chains breaking. Blindness and numbness in peoples' minds and ears will be broken. I saw the Lord dealing with oppression and poverty. The Lord confronts the Spirit of Poverty and Oppression.  These are spirits.
  • We will be wiser in the things of Spirit. We will have new discernment over the power of the oppressors. There will be a new move of compassion. These are being conceived in the womb of the churches of Indonesia.  
A new Pentecost, a new unleashing of the power of the Spirit, another level of empowerment. And from the tsunami in this land, entrenched power of darkness over the nations will be swept away."

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