onsdag 6 februari 2013

En profetisk bild av kyrkan i Sverige

Denna profetiska bild av kyrkan i Sverige förmedlades av Jade 2011 och texten är ursprungligen publicerad på:
Jag hade en del kontakt med Jade för några år sedan och vet att hon får profetiska intryck.  Men såklart ska alla budskap prövas..Guds välsignelse! /Barnabas   

"God gave me a picture of a traditional, large, stone Church building. The Church building was lifted up and underneath was a massive hole. Lots of people came towards the edge of the hole and peered in. All these people then jumped into the hole and started digging around. At the very bottom in the deep foundations of the Church there was treasure. As these people dug down, they found amazing pieces of treasure in amongst the dirt. Each person carried out a piece of treasure in their hand as they left the hole and returned to above ground.

I then felt God say: ‘My Church is worth saving.’

God then gave me a close up of one of the people holding a piece of treasure. God appeared and stood before the person. God held the person’s head in His hands lovingly. He then placed His hands on the person’s shoulders. I felt God then give them affirmation and authority. The person was given a mantle of leadership, authority and God’s power.

The person then turned around and saw a massive black dragon stood in front of the gate to their city. The person could therefore not enter the city with the treasure they held. The person stood in front of the massive dragon and was absolutely terrified. The person fearfully held out the piece of treasure in an attempt to defeat the dragon. There was then a call from the back ground. Someone shouted, ‘No, wait.’ Then lots of people stepped forward. All these people were the people who had gone digging and found treasure. Each one of them now stepped forward with a piece of treasure in the palm their hand.

All these people then together surrounded the walls of the city. They then got down on their knees, faced the walls and began to pray. At certain points around the city, the walls began to crumble. People were then able to get into the city through the gaps created by these crumbling walls. The city inside the walls was dark, war torn and filled with sick people. One of the treasure holders went up to a woman lying on the ground dying of thirst. The treasure holder gave her a drink, life returned to her body and she smiled a heavenly smile. The treasure holder then went over to a man in a leather jacket. He was bursting with anger and wrestling with thin air. The treasure holder placed their hand firmly into the man’s heart, placing the treasure into him. He became still and peaceful. A child then ran up to the treasure holder and ran into their arms. The treasure holder held them and joyfully spun them around. The child’s laughter sounded angelic. As the treasure holder saved people, these people gathered around them to create a small group. I was able to then see across the whole city – there were treasure holders doing exactly the same with people in similar situations all around the city and each had the same positive results. Small groups of rescued people and treasure holders were created throughout the city.

I then saw a Bible with a cross on its front cover. The Bible was on the floor in the centre of the city. All these new groups of people came together, gathered around the Bible and linked arms. Thousands of people circled this Bible and the treasure holders were scattered throughout them all. Everyone began to sing together and worship the Lord. As they did this, the city lit up and became full of light. The ground became soaked with light and turned golden. The whole city glowed.
I then had a picture of a stone water well.

God then reminded me of John 4 vs. 4-26, where Jesus talks with a Samaritan Woman.
As I read the story I felt God say: ‘I (God) need true worshippers. You have something amazing to offer to all people, everyone – Go, go and offer them all my true water. Don’t allow my simple, clear, true water to get tainted by any of the devil’s lies. Let my truth shine forth and prepare to see changed lives.’"

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Tony Malmqvist sa...

Profetisk bild av kyrkan i Sverige?
På ett språk som långt ifrån alla förstår.
Det kan väl knappast vara meningen att det här budskapet enbart riktas till de som är engelsktalande som bor i vårt land?