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Transform World Prayer Summit: Vision 2020

Transform World Prayer Summit: Vision 2020
Kansas City, Missouri, USA
March 24-27, 2013
"Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. For the vision is yet for an apointed time." Habakkuk 2:2-3a

Transform World PS
Dear Friends,

We are in a defining moment in world history.  With nations in an uproar, economies in upheaval, social order declining, and times increasingly tumultuous, God is beckoning His church to advance His Kingdom.  As a response, 300 leaders from around the world are gathering at IHOPKC Missions Base in Kansas City for the Transform World Prayer Summit on March 24-27, 2013.

Transform World and the International House of Prayer would like to invite YOU to become part of this 70-hour global prayer summit as a prayer-gathering host. In becoming a prayer-gathering host, you will have the opportunity to hear teaching and strategic points for intercession from key leaders such as Luis Bush, Mike Bickle, Dick Eastman, Loren Cunningham, George Otis Jr., Billy Wilson, Jim Fiske, and others. Additionally, you'll worship and agree in intercession with these leaders as we target the 7 primary challenges that the church is currently facing.

You're invited! Become one of the 100,000 Prayer Gathering Hosts that we are asking God for! With 100,000 prayer gatherings participating via web stream, we will have nearly 5 million prayer warriors linked together in prayer, contending together for spiritual breakthrough for 70 straight hours!

Here's what a Prayer Gathering Host will do:
  • Commit to joining us via web stream for at least one of the summit's 2-hour sessions where your group will hear an exhortation from one of our speakers and engage with us in prayer for that session's focus.
  • Determine which of the sessions you would most like to tune in for. (choose as many sessions as you'd like) Click here to view the full event schedule:
  • We want to know that you're praying with us! You can let us know by filling out a short registration form. Click to access our Prayer Gathering Host page and choose the registration link that accommodates your language.
  • Invite at least 5 other people to your chosen venue to join the Transform World Prayer Summit live via web stream.
  • Let your friends know about the event.
    • Like us on Facebook:
    • Follow us on Twitter and tweet about us:
    • Click to download Challenge and Prayer Host cards to share with your friends by printing them or sharing them electronically:
  • Visit our website and direct your friends to it:
  • Tune in via live web stream on March 24th-27th to view the sessions that you have committed to. The web address for the event's stream is:
We encourage you to join us as a Prayer Gathering Host for this historic event!

Luis Bush,
Servant of the Most High God
Transform World 2020

Mike Bickle, Director
International House of Prayer, Kansas City

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