söndag 30 mars 2014


Ny bok om att bygga upp bönealtare. Från World Trumpet?s missions hemsida om boken:

"What if the Scriptures had a secret that revealed how territory can be taken for the kingdom of God? What if that secret was impacting nations on the earth today?

God has a strategy that He unfolds in the Scriptures. Whether it is through Abraham, Moses, or the early church, God uses prayer altars to occupy territory, advance His kingdom, break the powers of darkness, and draw His presence. We invite you to discover a strategy from the Word of God that has helped bring revival to entire nations. 
Prayer Altars - A Strategy That Is Changing Nations is the most recent book written by Pastor John Mulinde and Pastor Mark Daniel.  The book will expand on how you, too, can be part of this strategy and build prayer altars today in your city, church, workplace, and even your home."

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World Trumpet Mission (WTM) is an international inter-denominational Christian organization that acts as a catalyst for spiritual awakening and revival around the world. It comes alongside churches, colleges, communities, cities and whole nations to help bring about spiritual awakening, equip the revived, and provoke them into God's destiny.

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