onsdag 19 mars 2014

"Maiden Finland blows the shofar"

Utdrag från ett längre profetiskt tilltal från Kings ministries hemsida apropå illustrationen i föregående inlägg om den nordiska bönekonferansen.

"The Lord has shown, that the other Scandinavian countries should also start a city prayer group network
A prophet named Deborah in Northern Ireland has seen a vision of Finland calling other nations in North and in Europe to rise up a prayer army in their land. She has drawn her vision on a map and we see it here; the maiden Finland blowing the sofar and calling nations to prepare for a revival with city prayer groups all over their land.

The vision of maiden Finland blowing the sofar
The vision of maiden Finland blowing the sofar
The Lord is calling intercessors to the cities and towns of Scandinavian countries. I believe, God is going to lift these 5 Northern Cross Flag Nations to glorify the victory of the cross of Jesus Christ in this end time as an encouragement for the whole Europe.
Scandinavian countries"

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