onsdag 21 maj 2014

Stå fast och pressa på - rätt vad det är så händer det!

Från bloggen "City Gates" skrivet av David Adeola. Ge inte upp förrän barnet är fött!:

Elijah’s posture leads to acceleration-
1 Kings 18:31-46

Last week we are encouraged to never give up until you give birth, no expectant mother gives up until she sees her new-born baby. In fact the more she travails and in labour the greater the anticipation and expectation of the child.

There are 5 levels in this passage we need to look at –
  1. Hearts being turned back to God v37-38-this is the key to moving in the supernatural and seeing the power of God manifest.  It was the heart of repentance that brought the fire!
  2. Destruction of the enemy, the false prophets and their idols
  3. Rebuilding of our altars, so we can start afresh v32
  4. Prophetic word or word of knowledge is necessary and helpful in order to move forward v41
  5. Posture of travail to pray through until you see the abundance of rain v42

"Posture"= ung. hållning, tillstånd, position

Läs fortsättningen här:


Från bloggen "Gene - a prophet" :

Dime Turns..

I hear the Lord Say.... you don't know what will happen, I do, and this much is sure, your future will surprise you.  Some changes you experience will be welcome...others you will wonder why.

Life for you will turn quickly.  One event, one situation, one opprotunity taken and you will find yourself in a new place.

Don't say to yourself tomorrow we will go to this city and do that or this.  It is enough to plan and be diligent.. yet do not resent the change I bring..  when your life turns on a dime.  It didn't surprise ME.

You can trust ME.


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