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The River Of Life Written By Clay Sikes

The River of Life  

Monday, 21 April 2014 13:09 Written by Clay Sikes
The cloud is moving and those with tent pegs driven so deep in the group cannot move with the cloud. They are ‘stuck’ as the permanency of their driven pegs make it hard to pack the tent for travel. Are some ‘stuck’ in Pentecost (the Church Age) when clearly the cloud has moved into Tabernacles (the Kingdom)? An incredible spiritual occurrence is taking place in the earth right now as the River of Life is flowing. Many have jumped in, enjoying the ride in this fast flowing river. Surprisingly, there are others on the river bank shouting to those in the river, “You look ridiculous. I see nothing! There is no flowing river; what are you doing out there?” The ‘floating and flowing’ brothers and sisters shout back, “Come in, the water is fine!” Some make their way to the river and ‘jump in,’ initiating their flow (life) in the river. Others hold back, fearful of the lack of control when feet are not grounded on earth (the familiar). Still others are bound by traditions that demands ‘life on the river bank’ (world’s system/religious tradition). And still others are bound by idolatry. No one can take this plunge holding an idol, which can be anything we hold before God –  ministry, self-managed security, marriage, children, vocation, possessions, lust in any form, a forbidden fruit (Revelation 22:14) etc., Life in the river demands complete and utter trust in the Father, for we have no clue where we are going; we are just flowing. We’ve lost all control and we like it! 

I have been working my way to This River my entire life, and honestly didn’t recognize my destination until I first saw it, and certainly didn’t recognize the river’s benefit until I jumped in. The peace is beyond anything I’ve known on earth, combined with a sense of ‘initiating purpose,’ though I have no clue where I am headed. Bobbing along like happy kids in a fast flowing mountain river produces hope, as years on the bank have left me weary and sick of being stuck in the same place. I love the river, and enjoy being ‘washed away’ from where I was. Though nothing has changed in the natural, everything has changed in my heart. I am at peace. I have found joy, love unspeakable, anointing and power. 

Do you want to wash ‘the past’ away in this river? Do you desire something new? Shed your old ‘grave clothes’ – traditional mindsets, comfort zones, idols, and expect something new! Take off the clothes of the past and jump in. You don’t even have to swim in this river, just float and let the water’s energy move you. Don’t be surprised to meet many new ‘floaters’ on this journey, and equally so, who you may see ‘still standing on the bank’ as you float by. In the River there is rest from the weary past, there is joy in the new ride, and hope around every turn. Enjoy the River of Life as it is flowing underneath and out of the Temple of God.


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