tisdag 13 maj 2014


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Jag hittade bloggen "The Pilgrimgram - telegrams from an old pilgrim" häromdagen och det verkar finns en del läsvärt där. Tex. nedanstående text där författaren drar paralleller mellan livet i Kristi kropp och en symfoni. Med tanke på att någon upplevt år 2014 som "the Year of the symphony" så drog denna text till sig min uppmärksamhet:


I enjoy classical music. More than any other kind of music, the composers of great classical music wove melodies and harmonies together, often mixing layer upon layer of different music, weaving it together into a glorious piece. The fact that some, like Beethoven, couldn’t hear what they were composing overwhelms me.
You couldn’t ever play a symphony on a single instrument. Which melody would you play? They’re all woven together, each instrument taking our turn at the forefront, taking a turn in the background. When they’re all playing the symphony together, the result is glorious!

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