tisdag 21 februari 2017

Season of Restoration

Jewels From Judy: A Season of Restoration
Judy A Bauman

An Exhortation from Jesus’ heart to yours:

“The season you have entered is one filled with much promise and hope. Regardless what you have heard from others, trust Me when I tell you that the best is yet to come. I will never take hope from you. I will always give you reason to hope. When hope is removed then I Am removed, and I will not be removed! Give to Me what belongs to Me and see what I do with it. You may think you have little to nothing to offer Me, but I tell you I will take the little you have a multiply it. Like the boy’s lunch of loaves and fish, I will take your small contribution of praise and prayer and multiply it. So do not worry about being small. Yes, you are small. Yes, there is little you can do. But in Me there is multiplication beyond your imagination. I can take the little you have and all the impossibilities you face and bring a great outcome."

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