tisdag 3 mars 2009

Profeten som ett tecken

Gå in på sidan http://3generations.eu/blog/?p=144 där du kan läsa följande:

"Prophet as sign
by Martin Scott on March 11, 2008

Prophet as sign: this was what I spoke on at Burton upon Trent Friday 7th, March. It is over an hour long - sorry! Sue was my best critic and she used to tell me: ‘too long, just say what you have to say and stop!’ So a summary:

- There are prophets who are signs - Hosea, Isaiah and Ezekiel are three good examples
- when we are signs we will live through things physically that are a sign spiritually
- signs point to the reality and
- draw the reality to earth
- signs become intercession
- signs do not need to be as long as the reality…
- and not sure what else I said. "

och lyssna till en MYCKET intressant predikan och undervisning av Martin Scott.

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