onsdag 5 oktober 2011

Healing of the mind

Healing of the mind

"I heard the Lord say, “I am declaring the wind over each of you right now.” He said, “Stand, Arise.” I want you to stand up right now. I heard the Lord say, “I am going to touch you. My wind is going to come into your mind and it is going to cause chains of old to be broken, so you cannot be tormented from the past wind of the damage, of the tornadoes that have touched down in your life and left damage and confusion and doubt and fear. I am the same Lord your God who spoke to the sea and it obeyed me and I calmed the sea. Tonight I will send My
wind to bring clarification and to bring clearing in your thought life to where you can think, think and know My will, think and know My presence that I can take your mind and renew it in My wind: the wind of My Spirit, the wind of My presence, the wind of My Word.

“I am blowing away unbelief tonight. Where unbelief would come to rob you of faith and rob you of joy, I would speak to that unbelief and I will say, ‘Let My people go!’ For I have called them to rise up on the wings of eagles. I am calling forth eagles to run and to walk and to
fly with the flow of My wind.

“For you will hear of winds across your nations, winds that have never been seen, winds man will try to explain away. I say it will be the wind of My Spirit, straightening things out and placing confusion in the plans of the enemies. I say I am looking for a people to arise, to
declare, to be filled with My wind. When you direct the wind of My Spirit, you shall see healing go into bodies that people have spoken death over. You will see healing go into minds where the mind has tried to trap My people in doubt and unbelief.

You will see My wind come about you and in your household and place things in order. I will direct My wind to go into your finances and command favor back over your finances. For I say unto you, you are to declare the favor in the house of the Lord. My wind will blow and there shall be nothing, nothing, nothing that can withstand My wind. All shall bow down because the wind of God has blown it into it’s position. Know that if I can walk on the water, I can train you and raise you up to walk in the wind of My Spirit,” says the Lord your God."

Love and Blessing, Eileen


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