Momentum: The quantity of motion in a moving body, being always proportioned to the quantity of matter multiplied into the velocity; impetus.
There are many reasons why the phrase came into my mind…
You watch, observe, read about situations and with all this information your mind is working. Now, when the “worldly” information is not compensated and corrected by a biblical perspective, the information from the outside becomes a truth and starts defining your decisions! This is where we are all over the world, as we are influenced by controlling mindsets who have their agendas for the future of this world… But not so for us as followers of Christ who knows that the future is in His hand and that He controls the plans He has for us!
There is a momentum where God is moving and when we live from the heart of His intentions, we move in this momentum as we are led by the Spirit and understand the times!
When you live from both (worldly and spiritly) inputs, your spirit gets confused as it has to live from two compasses, two agendas or two different watches! There is no way it will work and at the end, you will only defined by the worldly input and be called lukewarm, serving two masters!
Loosing Momentum
When church is just a good idea, when worship just an other way of spending time, when change is only a possibility, we can put it on hold and leave it for a while! When you don’t live from the urge of Gods heart and think just “being saved” is enough, you deny the greatest assignment God gave to mankind to subdue and have dominion or as Jesus stated it: “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:18-20 HCSB)
Some years ago, I entered the place and felt Gods momentum, willing to move in, bring healing, renew the hearts, rebuild the purpose and I have watched us loosing momentum through the agendas that did not match. I have heard the longings and see the willingness but the option part ruined the destined timing and things went back to “as usual”! God is never looking for nice churches, but for places from where He can rightfully enter society and recreate… When our own “house” is not reflecting His authority, no way a building (a church) will be able to do that.
Understanding time is one of the most essential skills Gods wants us to develop, living from our inner chamber, being wise servants of His future. Any farmer knows that momentum is the only assurance of a great harvest and just taking a long holiday is not an option in harvest time!
A Moving Body
As the definition stated, there is a motion in the moving body, needed to advance and gain momentum and when we live arrived, satisfied with that what was meant to be temporary, Egypt or even the desert, we miss the moment of entering our destiny. I hope that you get the point about living from the two agendas, as the “worldly system” never wants us to arrive in our destined position. He is fighting the thing since creation and will only use all effort to distract us.
Velocity is the speed of an object and a specification of its direction of motion. Speed describes only how fast an object is moving, whereas velocity gives both how fast and in what direction the object is moving.
Creation, fueled with Gods moving, has a velocity that is obedient to its Creator and when we interfere with it by bringing our agendas and not flowing with His’, we loose momentum and create disaster. There are certain biblical truth’ that we are not aware of but experience over and over such as: What we sow, we will reap… Today we reap dryness, dullness, fruitfulness, emptiness, unless we are willing to move with His agenda and set aside all our will.
As I wrote yesterday, next is what is on His agenda and I thank Him for all the willingly people, who understand the times and hear His Voice. There is a momentum in the air and it is about Him, His Kingdom and His will!
Just one more thought
It has been a long time ago, but when I was just a young christian, God told me to learn from the surfers on the beaches of San Francisco. As they wanted to keep on moving, they had to ride the waves skillfully by going to the next wave just in time if they don’t want to end up to soon on the beach. It is about keep on moving and when you make the wave you ride on to be “the” wave, there is only one destination, the beach…
So, momentum is an essential thing as I hope you got the point.