torsdag 2 maj 2013

Något radikalt nytt


"A visitation is coming from outside the prevailing structures and patterns of the church. It will challenge us as to whether we will go to Him outside the boat, or stay within the security of man-made structures. Could it be possible that many of us who are `networking' are only reconfiguring the old – merely re- arranging the present structures? There is a new move coming so radically different we will all need to step out from where we are. It will be a reformation which turns us from hanging on to our structures to the person of Jesus – and to the principle of incarnation – the awesome reality of God manifest in a human body.

We will be faced with the choice of stepping out into His `presence' or staying with our `patterns'.

The issue is one of control. Will we hang on, toiling in our own strength – or will we let go, fleeing only to Him?"

Excerpt from "Out of the Boat"

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