torsdag 2 maj 2013

Your urgent help is needed!

Från International Christian Embassy Jerusalem:

"Expanding the Haifa Home

Your urgent help is needed!

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Over the past three years, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has established a unique assisted-living facility in Haifa that has become a special place of warmth and loving care for dozens of Holocaust survivors. Today, this ‘warm home’ has more than 80 residents, each with their own dramatic story of somehow surviving the Nazi genocide while still very young.

The Home started out several years ago on Kassel Street in Haifa, where 14 Holocaust survivors were being housed and fed in a small building. In December 2009, the Christian Embassy stepped in to purchase and renovate a building next door in order to house more survivors and to open a community kitchen for other poor Holocaust survivors in the Haifa area.

Since then, we have acquired and renovated several more buildings along the same street in order to expand this special Home for Holocaust survivors. Besides all the new apartments and the community dining hall, the project now includes a synagogue, a medical and dental clinic, and an intensive-care wing. The city of Haifa was so moved by the initiative that the street was renamed the “Christian Embassy Center”.

Today, the Haifa Home is nearing 100 residents and more are moving in as renovations are completed and apartments become available. Some of the newest residents were actually homeless when they arrived. The waiting list of needy Holocaust survivors applying to live in the home is over 2,000 persons long, many of them survivors of Nazi death camps in Poland and Germany.
An estimated 200,000 Holocaust survivors currently live in Israel and up to one-third of them are in dire financial straits. Besides serious health problems, many also struggle with loneliness and emotional trauma."

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