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Urskiljning i det profetiska som förmedlas

Från Gene- a prophet:

"Is being Wrong Prophetically mean someone made a Mistake or takes the Name of the Lord in Vain?

I understand the prophet and seer anointing.  I am one.  I know how it works.  Modern prophecy is not as empirical as most people hope.
Yet there are those who are operating as a prophet who are actually at odds with one another. Diametrically opposed.  I know God is not schizophrenic, so it's not him. It is a problem however.  One that if we don't point out the discrepancy ... will trouble us.

I hear ominous prophecies that declare:

  • Jesus is coming back.. Tuesday, Wednesday, or really really soon
  • The Anti Christ is HERE, Mark of the beast, tribulation is here.
  • The New World Order Satan has established is in force
  • The Matthew 24 and Ezekiel 38 and Book of Revelation are unfolding right here right now
  • Mass persecution is going to come prepare to lose your head
  • Don't worry about a thing, you will be raptured out soon
They seem to have read all the left behind books, Rapture Ready and End Times websites... without recognizing that they are pretty subjective and in the book series.. fictional

Then there is another stream of the Prophetic:
  • We are about to experience a great revival - Greatest ever
  • The Greatest days for the Church are coming soon - They'll all be full-no place to sit
  • Anointing and gifting are being released right before your eyes - Get Some
  • Don't worry be happy..  God is in control - the devil is defeated..
  • You are fabulous, God is tickled to see you.  He wants you to prosper beyond your wildest
  • The end is never coming.. it all happened within 90 years of Jesus birth

I love this stream.  It makes me happy. I want to believe it all.  It's just that it's not completely accurate.

There is a false sense of security implicit in both prophetic streams.  Both are escapist in their theologies. "God is going to save the day.  Just watch and see".  It'll be GREAT  OR you will be out of here soon via the rapture.  Don't worry about a thing.   That's the problem, it's all passive.

God IS moving.  The "watch and see" mode of either of these streams replaces the "Watch and Pray", Doing battle, standing for righteousness, erect a banner, choose the side of the Lord in the warfare to come.  Neither of the competing prophetic streams makes any demand on HIS Army on Earth, you and me. HE is the Lord of the Angel Army Host... we are supposed to partner with that Angel Army manifesting right here on earth.

The stream you need to hear is a minority view because it places a demand on the believer.  Just as Jemimah and Zechariah did. A hard demand that doesn't sell books, get speaking engagements or builds a church.  The Church of "You Gotta Serve SOMEONE" is not the place people are flocking to.  They are flocking to the "End Times Temple of Rapture Ready Believers" or "The Kingdom Palace of Prosperity".

God's power and anointing is imparted to you not to build a ministry based on either prophetic stream but to evangelize the world.  To prepare the Body of Christ for the days to come.  To learn from the patterns and cycles of the devil's schemes of which we are instructed not to be ignorant.  He is recycling them constantly because they constantly sucker people in.  Even the very elect.

There is a smaller but more important prophetic stream.  It is the stream we must understand.  Not the more popular streams.  Here is Prophetic Truth:

  • The devil is defeated... in the end, but he is alive and well and is at war with believers and against the Body of Christ.  I don't say the Church because much of the church today is NOT the Body of Christ.. much less the Bride of Christ.  So the devil just creeps in and takes over. It looks good and all, but at it's heart is corrupt.
  • Warfare is going to increase.  It will grow to great volume.   Many will come under difficulty for HIS name's sake.  The war is very wide. Global. A million miles wide and an inch deep.  It is Governmental.  Religious. Economic. Cultural. Educational. Media.  Business. Entertainment.  All of the mountains we have heard about are not just mountains, but battlegrounds.  Warfare must be on those summits or we will lose in the valley.  We dare leave no contented territory to the enemy.
  • The restoration of the Prophets and the Apostles for this day is not for church building but for order and command in the war to come.  You are already at war, taking up your weapon is a choice however. Passivity will cost lives and souls.
  • The carnage, collateral damage and result of the victory of our God will leave a much different landscape than you can possibly imagine.  It will mean the demise of much of what you have been led to expect.  It will not look like the former days.  It will be better, but you will have to forget what the former days really were like.  This is the new thing you read about in scripture.
  • God will activate the change, we can make the choice to cooperate or fight against God's moving.  He will overturn our economic system of corruption, governments will fall, businesses will fail, churches and religious systems will collapse, education will implode, those things we have used as panacea and pain killers in media and entertainment will deteriorate.  The culture will come to a place of exhaustion where no longer will people put up with the craziness.  People will wax worse and worse.  Then they will be set aside.
  • Attacks on the things of God will come from all sides.  This is a frontal attack.  Islam, Government and even organized religion will become the enemies of God.  If you call His name, Jesus, you will become the enemy of the state.
  • Unless the watchmen and women of the Word stand and call out to the army of the Lord where the battle is, the warfare will creep into the camp without people even being aware.  It will be contentious, yet it is critical that we recognize the sound of approaching enemies.  
  • Many who believe they can stand in this warfare using carnal means will find themselves losing.  Petitions and protests are going to be without influence.  The pressure of bringing about revolution and reformation in the ranks is going to be what wins the day.  Unless people's hearts are changed, nothing will change.
  • The prophetic stream I want to encourage you to understand is as unpalatable as was Jeremiah's words in his day.  He offered God's hope and a future but only if they understood the exile and difficulty to come.  That is where we are. We will come out as gold, refined as if by fire.

The warrior Bride of Christ will have learned to do battle at the end.  Something the Church does not now know how to do.  Do not be among those who will fall because they could not stand.  There will be no middle ground when the war on.  Choose to serve the Lord..before you are forced to make a choice. "


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