söndag 5 januari 2014

2014: The Year of the Catapult

God och välsignad fortsättning på det nya året! 

Detta är ett citat från ett profetiskt ord för 2014:

2014: The Year of the Catapult

"2014: CATAPULT 

This year will see the springing forward of so many into the release from their "accumulated tension." Catapulting involves the sling shot effect of a great pulling back followed by a dramatic release. Preparing for catapulting often involves what appears to be going nowhere or even backwards for an excruciating length of time with an end result of great forward propulsion. When in His hands, the further you have been pulled back, the greater His desire to catapult you. Often in the pull-back, God is also going after important character matters as He desires you to be able to remain and occupy the place He is catapulting you to."

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