torsdag 5 mars 2015

"GPC song"

At the GPC kick-off conference in Krakow, Amber Sutter performed an own composition, a song called "Standing with Israel", which the Lord had inspired her to write especially for this conference. Together with her band "Breaking Silence", she sung it, deeply touching the hearts of the participants of the conference. It was unanimously decided, that the song would become the official "GPC song".
Back home they recorded it, and if you click on the link below, you can hear and enjoy the result! We have also included some information on Amber and the worship band "Breaking Silence"!

The worship band "Breaking Silence" is composed of Amber Sutter, her husband Ewald Sutter and two of her brothers, Tim and Michael Tracy. They have been playing music together since they were teenagers. Children of the American missionary couple Dan & Cynthia Tracy, the six Tracy siblings grew up in Germany and were brought up with the truth of the scriptures concerning Israel. As a musical family they have always been involved with music and worship. They have been part of the family band "Son, Wind & Reign", together with their parents and other siblings, and the rock band "Spirit's Sunrise". Ewald Sutter has been part of all of these bands as well. "Breaking Silence" was founded in 2012 and has had some exciting ministry opportunities, including leading worship at the CFI Conference in Jerusalem in 2012, leading worship at the Church Israel Congress in Berlin in 2013 and the Global Prayer Call Kick-off conference in Krakow, Poland in 2015 amongst other events.

Amber Sutter (34) had the privilege of visiting the Bible college Christ for the Nations Inc. in Dallas, Texas from fall 1999 to spring 2002, after she graduated from German Gymnasium in 1999. Her main studies were worship and the arts. Since then she has been working with Christian Friends of Israel back in Germany, of which she is currently the chairwoman, has led worship at her parents church until 2012 and looks back on some special highlights in her musical career - the most profound as she feels was the amazing opportunity to sing a song the Lord had given her in 2008 (with the promise that it was a song for Israel) in the Knesset in Jerusalem at the Commemoration Ceremony in honour of Evangelical Organisations for their support of Holocaust Survivors in November 2011. She was allowed to perform it together with her husband and father at the ceremony as one of three performing music groups. As songwriter and singer it is her heart's desire to write music that will allow God's heart to come through and stir within our own spirits a response that will manifest itself in a godly lifestyle that will shine brightly as a witness for the truth in our times.

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