torsdag 26 juni 2008

Höj blicken över omständigheterna

Living Above Circumstances

Beloved, rest your whole self on Me, knowing that I am good; therefore all that I will do to you and for you is good. Beloved, you can trust Me. You are to place your whole trust in Me, never in yourself. When you lean on Me and place your trust in Me, you will never be disappointed. Many times circumstance will seem to overwhelm you. Because they are so "in your face," it will seem as though you are blocked or prevented from coming Me. Beloved that is a false perception. I have told you that nothing can separate you from My love. Decide this day which you will believe, the circumstance of life or My word to you. Come to Me, lean on me, in all your ways (every circumstance) acknowledge Me, and I shall direct your path.

This word is submitted by Joan Ray

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