onsdag 1 juli 2009

It is Time to Move

You are My church--My body on earth. This is the time for My church to come alive, so that it might move with Me.

Does not the body consist of many members? Each member has a purpose in My body--each one of you. Some of you are the eyes to see, while others are the ears to hear. Some of you are the mouth that speaks My Word, and some the hands that do and build. Some are the heart that feels compassion, others are the feet that go, and others are the legs that carry the body. Each one of you has a function to operate in the body. The body is one and all of you mush move together as one--all of the members working together.

My children, now is the time for My church to move; to come into action and move forward. You, My church, must reclaim the territory that the enemy has taken from you over the years.

Did I not say that I will always be with you? I will strengthen you and guide you and teach you in the way which you should go (Ps 32: 8).Move with Me, with My Holy Spirit, and not in your own strength--your strength comes from Me. I will go before you and cover you from behind.
I will give you favor and open doors for you. Do not be passive; and do not miss what I am doing. Move when I move, remain under My cloud, and My blessing shall stay upon you. Remember, it is not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord (Zech 4: 6).

This word is submitted by Martin Bester [besmar@absamail.co.za]

Källa: http://www.godspeak.org/prophetic_word/6-19-09.html

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