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Paul Bennisson och Hedi Plympton har varit flera gånger i Sverige och detta är ett inlägg från Heidis blogg där hon förmedlar en del intryck från det senaste besöket:


by Hedi Plympton


We have been in sweden now since Friday and its been a very powerful time there are many stories I could tell but will just touch on some highlights and main themes of the past days. It has been a time marked by words of knowledge, words for cities, words for nations, healings miracles deliverance and presence of Jesus thats been electric..God is awesome awesome awesome.

I have been prophesying much in the past days on the back of revelation from John 5..a man who had been in the same place for 38 years ill waiting for the moving of the waters so that he could get into the water first to get well. What God began to show me is a church that has largely been like that, crippled for a long time in the same place trying to figure out how to get mobile and has belived a myth. It has tried to get just the right formula and relied more on fate or luck to see the breakthrough then relaise that the miracle is standing right next to it. Its like the question from heaven now is 'do you want to be well?' we can stay in the lifeless condition waiting for something to happen. We know we are sick but we belive the answer is in a formula. When Jesus is standing right there asking do we want to be well. Jesus did not pick the man up and put him into the pool. He bypassed all the thinking , all the myths all the way we thought it was going to happen. But Jesus is here and all we need to do is say yes to it. We need radical mind renewal, we have belived a lie about the things of the spirit. Its not about stepping into a pool its about and has always been about swimming in the river.

I gave a word to one city in sweden this week. Now I have a understanding that what is happening in a territory will manifest itself in very real ways in the lives of individuals. As I drove into this city I clearly saw sleep apnea and that condition and began to prophesy out of it over the city. Rev 3:2 wake up and strengthen the things that remain which were about to die. I saw someone spontaneously falling asleep and sleep disturbance. Things begin so well and then lapse back into sleep and God spoke its time to wake up and stay awake. Things abort before they are finished. A generation with eyes wide open on fire for Jesus. I spoke of premature death and suicide but that there would be fresh fire coming to the youth. So the next day when was asked to meet with a pastor from the city who had personally experienced his son committing suicide, was suffering from sleep apnea but who had not bowed even when the territory itself had thrown all of this at him I was phenominally encouraged because of the potential for breakthrough and the authoirity thats possible to walk in as a result. We had the great privilidge to pray for this man and watch God move.

Sweden is right online and what is beginning to breakout here is wonderful, the hidden army God has been preparing is about to stand up with blazing fire on each of them. The flow here has been awesomly wonderful and in the next days I am going to put the words and testimonies on my facebook and blog here in media format. we have prayed for countless ill people here and watched God powerfully touch people. I am excited about the fire that is in sweden and for the inferno thats breaking out across the nations."

källa: http://heidiplympton.blog.co.uk/2009/07/01/we-have-been-in-sweden-now-since-friday-and-its-6433522/

Paul berättar bla detta på sin blogg:

"The past week, I've been in Sweden, sharing ministry with Heidi Plympton. It has been a great week, beginning with the first Swedish wedding I've attended... it was outdoors, in a lovely park in the centre of Gothenburg. It was a boiling hot day (unusually so for Sweden, we were told) - and it's stayed that way ever since - the wedding of friends Henke & Jacki was beautiful, and a great evangelistic opportunity with lots of people passing by listening. It is always a joy to be in Gothenburg with Ulf and Else-Marie: an even greater joy to be involved in their wonderful church, 'The House'. Sunday's meeting was brilliant, Heidi prophesying out of her boots, me imparting stuff to people, and numerous prayers for healings... their were some, and testimonies were given at the end.

Then something a little different - we had to get a ferry across to an Island, wherre there was the first ever healing/miracle/prophesy meeting in a cafe in an idyllic location, a place named Foto (the last 'o' is pronounced more like 'er')... probably some 120 people filled the place, many not-yet-Christians - and dozens responded to come forward for ministry. As always, stories tend to come slowly...

Monday night in Boras was great, speaking at a prayer group of probably 100, in the Pentecostal Church.
Tommy in Boras healed of pneumonia and a lump blocking his throat; Mattias healed of long-term crippling fibro-myalgia; Tim healed of decades of torturous migraines; 4 yr old Sam speaking after 3 years of silence; Marina healed of muscles that constantly tear in her calves..... God is good!"


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