onsdag 1 juli 2009

Worship Me!

Worship Me!

Worship Me! Worship Me! I want you to be free!

As you draw near and worship Me,
light will dispel darkness
and the enemy will have to flee.
What's broken will be renewed.
What was sick will now be healed.
Worship Me! Worship Me! I want to set you free!

Come as you are. Embrace Me as your only hope and Savior!
I love you. I want to set you free. Will you let Me?
Just draw near and worship Me!
I will be to you what you enthrone Me as in your life.

Worship Me as your God.
Worship Me as your Lord.
I am your Healer.
I am your Life.
I am your only Desire.
Worship Me, My love for you is a Consuming Fire.

You are My treasure, now let Me be yours.
Enter into My life divine, and you will find rest for your soul.

This word is submitted by Gerdi Marais [laptop@raphacareer.co.za]
Källa: http://www.godspeak.org/prophetic_word/6-18-09.html

Psalm 50:3, 14-15
3 Vår Gud kommer, han skall ej tiga. Förtärande eld går framför honom och kring honom stormar det våldsamt.
14 Nej, offra lovets offer åt Gud och infria dina löften till den Högste. 15 Ropa till mig på nödens dag, så skall jag rädda dig, och du skall ära mig."

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