torsdag 26 januari 2012

"Det är som det är"

It Is What It Is! Again!


Från Rivers of Edens blogg, skrivet av Debra Westbrook:

"It is what it is. That statement reflects anyone's current reality. It is said when we reach that point where we think that nothing will change. Often I hear it said in negative terms. "Hey man just forget it! It is what it is!" or "You can't change that! It is what it is." or "Let it go man, it is what it is."

I don't buy into the cynicism of the world and neither should you. Cynicism leaves us without hope in the present let along any hope in the future. Things do change and they do shift when we trust solely in the Lord to BE Lord of our lives. He is our hope! He is our future and He is everything. In the midst of the chaos of the prevailing world conditions, I believe Christians are to be the hope, the solace, the comfort, the passion, the future and the destiny imparted into another's life by giving them Jesus Christ. The reality of Jesus Christ, nothing less than reality.

It is what it is denies the reality of the hope that resides in Jesus Christ. That statement denies our future in Christ. Jesus Himself tells us that our hope and future is in Him. Statements that deny the reality of life in Christ are to be denied vehemently within each of us who profess to be Christians. It is time to walk in the opposing spirit of the world which denies anything having to do with Jesus Christ. It is called Anti-Christ for that reason.

So, what to do? It is all about focus. Words form our atmosphere. How many times do we really need to hear that one? Spoken words define the atmosphere for there is power in the tongue. So when others speak words without hope and without life, we refute each and every word by speaking forth not what is but WHAT IS IN CHRIST. It takes a conscience effort on your part and on my part for we have been trained and raised up in a world of cynicism, sarcasm, narcissism and so much more.Each time someone tries to define your life by its current situation by their cynical outlook on life saying "Hey lady, it is what it is!" I say "No it is what it is IN CHRIST." And that is what forms my universe and my life. Now don't think I don't have bad days where the world presses in. Of course I do! That may be what it is and what it looks like but I find that when I come to Him and spend time with Him, He changes the what is to WHAT HE SAYS IT IS."

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