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The recompense begins!

Henry Falcone - 2012 THE RECOMPENSE BEGINS!

Henry J.Falcone on 12/28/2011
Flame of Fire Ministries

Beloved of the Lord,

As I came to the office this morning praying in tongues most of the way here, the Lord dropped in my heart the word recompense. Three times He said, "recompense, recompense, recompense" in my spirit.

I usually don't generally write words of this kind. Not because I won't, but because of it is not the "type of communication" that the Lord and I have very often. So please allow the Spirit of God to test and prove these words whether they are from Him or not.

Since I heard it spoken three times within my Spirit, I pondered of what that meant. Here is what I believe I heard from the Holy Spirit. The Lord was about to bring recompense to "His bride to be who are making themselves ready for Him," "then to the Church at large", and "then to the nations of the world. I then proceeded to look up the meaning of the word and their were three distinct definitions that seem to fit each group of people.

The definition of the word recompense means:(to make amends to those who suffered loss or harm; pay or reward someone for an effort; punish or reward someone appropriately for an action according to their doings.)

The first three months of 2012 the Lord is going to begin to bring divine recompense in 3 unique ways and to three unique groups of people. The first is going to come to those "who are making themselves read as a Bride as found in Rev.19:7. (This is the church within a a church, the Peter, James and Johns who were separated from the 12 to go up the mount of transfiguration." The second group would be the "church proper" "daughters of Jerusalem as in Song of Solomon. (This would be what we would call the "traditional understanding of church life, going to church, doing a ministry, etc) The third group would be for the nations of the world.

The Lord is not showing me what the recompense will look like, but I am gaining some understanding to the three types of recompense that is going to come forward. This He indicated to me by speaking the word to me 3 times. Each time I heard the same word, it had three different meanings to it, to the three groups of people. For over a year the Lord has had things revealed to me in time as threes, like 5:55, or 2:22 or grouping of three's.

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